Currently | Summer 2018

cooking | not too much good cooking going on lately. I desperately need to go grocery shopping so a fully stocked fridge should help. I am adding this slider recipe to the menu for sure. Also have a great chicken recipe I tweaked to add to the blog soon!
indulging | two coffees a day. I know it’s a terrible habit to get into but I love coffee! I will drink either a hot vanilla latte or regular cup of coffee in the morning. Then mid-afternoon I have an iced coffee. I’m not even doing it for the caffeine, I just love me some coffee!
hoping | Ivy will continue to sleep as well as she has the last three nights! She is not the best sleeper (randomly began 3 weeks ago – too early for the 4 month sleep regression?) and finally she is showing some consistency! Now if only the nest of baby birds outside our bedroom window would pipe down at night. Anyone have a humane way to remove a bird nest full of noisy tweeters?
wearing |anything to beat this nasty Missouri heat!
loving | that so many of my favorite bloggers are blogging again! I feel like Instagram took so many bloggers away. I LOVE a good blog post (surprise) and was sad to see it going out of style. But in the last few weeks four of my favorite bloggers are writing again! Seeing other bloggers write, inspires me to write more too!
excited | that our local Wal-Mart now has grocery pickup! I will never step foot in a Wal-Mart again! Love the prices, hate the crowd.
wanting | my girls to stay their current ages forever. I cannot get over how much fun they are right now. Ivy is a ball of smiles and just so chubby and squishy! Nora is so hilarious and her little imagination is the best! Why do they have to grow up?
feeling | super inspired to get creative again. This blog is my “creative outlet” in a way. I love to come up with post ideas, take pictures, and see it all come together. I hope this sticks cause I really do love this space!

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