Easy Kids Pink Smoothie | Small Batch

Nora loves smoothies and often asks for them in the mornings. I also love them, but I like to make mine with coffee and lots of protein powder. Those two things aren’t the best for a two year old.

It was a pain to make two smoothies and I felt like I was wasting ingredients trying to make one for her. I ended up with way too much. Or I was trying to adapt my smoothie to first give her some before I added the coffee but then the recipe was off and it was too think or too runny. (First world problems and I right?)

So I created the perfect recipe for a small smoothie just for Nora! Takes very few ingredients and hardly any time at all. I scored major bonus points because it turned out perfectly pink, her favorite color! It made exactly enough to fill her smoothie cup!


|What You Need|

1/2 banana

4 small strawberries or 2 large

1 tablespoon vanilla protein powder (for flavor and frothiness) *optional

1/3 cup milk

4 ice cubes


|What You Do|

Cut up fruit, dump all the rest of your ingredients into your blender and mix! Simple as that!


Nora Kate approved!


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