Not Five on Friday

This week has been rough with a capital R! Ivy has been out of sorts since Monday night. She’s been unusually fussy, always wanting to be held, and she is hardly sleeping at night. She’s been waking up 3-5 times a night and sometimes it’s taking me almost an hour to get her back down. The past two nights have been the worst, I haven’t gotten a stretch of sleep longer than two hours. Doctor chalked it up to teething, but yesterday she seemed back to her old self so I thought our night would be better. Nope, worst one yet. This time it was because she hadn’t pooped in two days and was having tummy issues. As I type this she is napping after having a big ol’ dirty diaper (thank you Windi)!

Pity party, I know.

In the middle of the night, after waking up almost every hour, I have trouble keeping a positive mind and happy attitude. Luckily, my perspective switches once I wake up, shower, and get some coffee in my system. Typically these Friday posts are five big highlights from the week, but I want to highlight any good thing or silver lining from my rough week.

As I rocked my fussy girl to sleep this morning I had tears in my eyes knowing that this phase is short. While it is hard, it goes to fast, and one day she will be a two year old who barely fits in my arms. So if I have to rock her a little longer, so be it!

Here are some of the good parts from this week… so far!


Animal crackers and books on the floor.



Daddy daughter day date to the splash pad.


Nora and I twirling like princesses in our nightgowns!

All the extra snuggles.


Helpers in the kitchen.


These few-and-far-between smiles.


Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Sister snuggles.


Gettin’ goofy with some animal masks from church.


Staying up late and talking in bed with The Hubs.

Long swing naps.


Turning around one morning to see this hilarious sight.



So my week wasn’t all bad, and I know things will get better. It really helps to actively find the good in a rough week… the cookies didn’t hurt either!

Prayers that Miss Ivy feels better soon, and decides she likes to sleep again! 😉




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