My Favorite Newborn Products

Now that I have lived through having two newborns I feel like I can give some good recommendations on some great products! These are items we loved for both girls and will use with another baby someday (yep, we want more!).

So here are the products we have loved for our gals! I’ve linked each item on Amazon so you can order online if you want! Keep in mind prices on Amazon change quickly, so it may be more or less than the price I have listed when you follow the link.



|1| Halo Sleep Sack |

I am terrible at swaddling with a blanket. How do those OB nurses do it? I have tried quite a few different types of swaddles and brands but by far my favorite is the Halo Sleep Sacks. I like the zipper and how it gives lots of room for their legs. I also like how it can transition with your baby when they are ready for one or both arms out. We have three so there is always one clean! Nora used it until she was rolling both ways, and I plan to do that same for Ivy. |Buy Here $28|



Are there moms out there who don’t have a boppy? I literally use it every single time I nurse Ivy. It’s also great to just relieve some weight when holding your little one. I also used it to put between my legs and sleep while pregnant, so comfy! I love how you can easily remove the cover and wash it. We have three covers so there is always one clean because they endure lots of spit up and blowouts. I honestly think this is maybe my number one baby product of all time! |Buy Here $30|


|3|Bouncy Chair|

We never thought we would need one of these so we didn’t register for one and weren’t planning on getting one. Then I realized about a week before Nora was born that we didn’t have anything that was easy to move from room to room. I did no research and just picked the cheapest one up at Target on a whim. So glad we did because this chair is now called “the magic chair” in our home. Our girls love it! They will lay in it contently for long periods of time, and take great naps in it too! Both my girls spent a large part of their first few months in this chair. I know there are much nicer ones out there, but this basic version is pure gold in our house! |Buy Here $24|


|4|Gas Drops|

I read somewhere once that all babies are gassy. Their little digestive symptoms are the only thing not fully developed when they are born because they have never eaten anything until they arrive! So they have a lot of new things going on in their tiny bodies. Gas makes little one’s tummies really hurt and can cause some sleepless days and nights if it’s not dealt with. We use both gas drops and Gripe Water when our girls are extra gassy. It really helps them get those toots out! Gas drops paired with my special “toot routine” (ask about it, it’s amazing) makes for quite the entertainment, but also soothes their tummies! Gripe Water will also immediately take away those pesky baby hiccups. We have given these companies a lot of our money in the past two and a half years!  |Buy Gas Drops Here $7| Buy Gripe Water Here $11|


|5| Angel Care Bath Support|

I did not have this with Nora and so wish that I would have. Ivy absolutely loves this thing! I set her in it on the floor while I bathe Nora, and Ivy just kicks and kicks her feet in excitement. It is so nice because you just set it in the already filled tub and it lets the water in. It isn’t slippery at all and it can grow with your baby! I highly recommend this for all moms! We love it! |Buy Here $20|


|Things to skip|

These products we purchased or registered for and we hardly ever used them or our gals didn’t like them. In my opinion, don’t waste your money!


Boppy Lounger | Wipe Warmer | Bumbo Seat



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