Ivy’s Pink and Blue Room

Since we didn’t find out if Ivy was a boy or a girl I did very little decorating to her room before she was born. I chose to paint the walls light blue, knowing I would add grey and green if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl.

Well pink it was!

This house is our church’s parsonage and is just a temporary living situation for us until we can find something in this town (pickins are SO VERY slim). We did very little work to this house since we know we won’t be here too long. Originally I wanted to do pretty much nothing at all to the house. I was just going to move in the bare minimun and wasn’t even going to decorate at all. I failed on that front because I love putting a house together! Plus I wanted it to feel as much like home as possible.

Is this a house I am absolutely in love with and so proud of? No. I considered not sharing this house at all, but then I realized how silly that would be. This house is the place we made the big life change of Collin becoming a pastor in. This is the home we brought Ivy home to and most likely where she will live most of her first year. So while this is not a forever home or our dream home, it is a part of our story and I want to remember it!

So, here is Ivy’s first room. It is in no way perfect, it’s not going to be featured in any decorating magazines, but it is a sweet little space for Miss Ivy Corinne and I want her to have these pictures to look at later in life!

*I have sourced a few items at the bottom of the post, if you’re interested in anything else let me know! 


Curtains: Target
Flower Garland and Flag Pennant: Target (Dollar spot)
Changing Table: Thrift Store
Crib Sheets: Target
Wall Quilt: Made for me by my Grammy
Giraffe: Hobby Lobby


Look for more posts on this house soon! I want to have some pictures to remember it by, and this is my space to do that!

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