Five on Friday | It’s Been a While

Haven’t posted a Five on Friday post since December so I figured it was time!


This week started off with a bang when Collin came back from his three day trip! I do not like when he is away. He truly is my other half and I feel kinda lost without him.  He proved his title as Best Husband Ever when he made a donut and coffee run Monday morning! Love that man and love donuts! Okay, mushy stuff over! 😉




In total contradiction to the first highlight, I also started working out! I will be the first to admit that I don’t particularly like exercise. My high school days were pretty much all about playing sports (volleyball, basketball, and track) so I got plenty of exercise in with practices and games. That however was fun! I loved athletics and didn’t mind the hard work one bit because I enjoyed it! Working out to a video or running is not my idea of fun though. But I also would like to stay healthy and get my pre-baby body back. So workout I will. I’m just glad The Hubs is joining me! We do Daily Burn in the living room after the girls go to bed.




Over the weekend Ivy had some rough nights of sleep and one really rough day. Never did figure out what was causing her fussiness and apparent dislike of sleeping, but praise the Lord she was back to herself on Tuesday! She is such an easy baby and it was tough to see her so unhappy. It was also tough to get hardly any sleep for two nights in a row! Now Ivy girl is back and better than ever!




The t.v. is gone again! I will most likely write about this more in the near future, but until then you can read details here. After 9 months of not having our t.v. we put it back out in early March to prep for those late nights with a newborn. Well we feel like we are coming out of the newborn haze now, so we said bye bye to the t.v. again! It is safely stored in the garage and I got to redecorate our cute little table and show off my gold mirror once again!



Nora had her first play date at our house on Thursday! Some good friends of ours have a sweet little boy who is about five months younger than Nora. They are renovating their house and working fast to get their kitchen finished, so I offered to take him for the morning! Nora was so excited to have a friend over for the first time! They had an absolute blast! They play so well together and hearing them giggle with each other is priceless! I foresee many more play dates in the future!


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