Mornings With Two


I love blogging and reading blogs for two main reasons.

I love blogging because it is such a great way to look back and remember times gone by. I often think of a fond memory or have a question about something from the past. When that happens, I head straight to by blog, type a keyword into the search bar and I can find my answer or let the nostalgia begin! It is one of the best things about having taken all this time to write and take pictures. I have a digital journal of our life!

I love to read blogs because I am nosy! I love getting a glimpse into how other people live! I am a big time people watcher out in public and reading others blogs is like people watching on crack! I just love it! One of my favorite types of posts to read are “Days in the Life,” or “Our Daily Routine,” type of things.

I also love schedules and routine. I can’t help it I just really like to have a flow for my days. I also know how much kids crave routine and thrive with it, so I love for things to look about the same each day.

I am not so scheduled though, that I can’t understand that with little ones that isn’t always a luxury I can have. Some days will be wild, hectic, and have no resemblance of routine. That’s okay too. I can be flexible for a few days, but after those days are over I want my normal back!

The first few weeks with two little ones (one of those being brand spankin’ new) were simply “survival.” I was learning to adjust to both girls and how Ivy now fit into Nora and my little already established world. After two weeks I felt like I sort of had things under control, then Ivy got RSV and was in the hospital for a week. That really through everyone for a loop. So needless to say, it took until about week four to finally have a routine with both my gals during the day.

So today I am giving you a glimpse into what a morning at our house looks like. I know one day I will love looking back at this and seeing how sweet these days were. And for those of you reading, maybe you’re nosy like me and this will just make your day! đŸ˜‰

*Scroll to the bottom for links to some more posts like these from the past! 


| 6:30 am |

Between the hours of 6 and 7 Ivy wakes up to eat and is usually ready to be up for the day. Most days she is up at 6:00, nurses for a half hour and then we snuggle in bed together. It’s one of my favorite times of day. There’s nothing like those newborn snuggles!

Collin gets up for the day at 6:00 and starts making breakfast. He has always been the breakfast guy in our house and it is so nice for me!

Nora is typically up between 6:30 and 7:00 and Collin takes care of her until Ivy and I emerge from our snuggle or Collin has to leave for work.


|7:00 am|

The whole house is usually awake by now! Collin typically finishing up breakfast, Nora is just waking up or has been playing for a while. Ivy and I join the family and this is when I pump. Ivy doesn’t typically eat great first thing in the morning because she is so sleepy. It’s the perfect chance to get some milk stored.

With Nora I only ever pumped when I was at work and just pumped what she would need the next day at day care. Now I’m simply trying to build some stock for date nights and weekends away (first trip coming up in August). It’s new to me, but it fits into our day nicely.

Ivy is so happy in the mornings and often is just content to look around or goes in and out of sleep.


7:30 am

I finish pumping and some days we all eat breakfast together other days it’s just Nora and me. Collin always makes bacon and eggs for everyone and then we add on our other favorites. toast, waffles, fruit, cereal etc. I prefer turkey bacon and don’t like eggs (unless they are my mom’s microwave cheesy eggs! Yes you can make eggs in the microwave!), but Nora eats it all!



Collin goes into work at a different time every day so his part of our routine changes all the time. If I can hop in the shower before he leave I will. If not, Nora gets a 20 minute show (she loves Tumble Leaf, Owlegories, and Puppy Dog Pals) while I shower and Ivy sleeps or lounges in the bouncy chair on the bathroom floor. After her show is over, no more technology! Summer is for playing!


9:00 am

Typically Ivy eats again at this time and then is ready for her first long nap around 9:30 or 10:00. Nora plays around the house, getting into almost everything! Lately though she has been really into coloring so she will spend a good chunk of time at the kitchen table coloring and singing away!



If it’s not raining or blazing hot, and if Ivy is cooperating and taking her typical two hour nap then Nora and I will head outside to play. Nora loves her water table and will spend the whole hour we’re outside playing in it. She usually always needs a change of clothes when we come in!

I put Ivy in her bouncy chair on the kitchen table and I can see her from the window to check on her. So funny because I never would have been brave enough to do that with Nora at this age. But baby number two is a different story!


11:00 am

By 11:00 we start making our way inside and Nora plays while I start getting lunch ready. I try to have us eating by 11:45 so I can be done by noon when Ivy typically wakes up to eat again.


After lunch is over, our afternoon routine begins! Later I’ll share our afternoon routine!

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