Ivy Corinne | One Month

Screenshot 2018-04-26 at 8.56.23 PM

One Month

Weight | 8 lbs 10 oz (at 3 week appointment)

Length | 20 1/2 inches (at 3 week appointment)

Hair | I think Ivy is going to be our little blondie! She has tons of hair and it cannot be tamed! It is light brown right now, but she has lots of natural blonde streaks and highlights throughout.

Eyes |  Right now they are blue like all babies but I am doubting they will stay that way with 2 brown eyed parents. Nora has big ol’ brown eyes too.

Clothes | Wearing newborn still, but they are getting tight!

Diapers | Newborn, but we can see now that we way overbought on those! She could already be in size 1 but I want to use up the box I just opened first.

Sleeping |  Typical newborn stuff over here. Ivy is all over the place. She has given me a few 4-5 hour stretches, but most nights I wake up twice between two, three hour periods. So, a typical night looks like this:

10:00pm – dream feed/ asleep for the night

1:00am – awake to eat

5:00am – awake to eat

7:00am – awake to eat and up for the day

Not too bad at all, and I know she will begin doing longer stretches at night as she grows. I’ve always been one who can function on little sleep and I’m not too crabby when she wakes me up. 😉 One thing Ivy is really good about is that after I feed her she goes right back to sleep. Nora used to need rocked back to sleep to stay asleep, so the times I was awake with her were much longer.

Eating | Praise the Lord that this is an entirely different update than with Nora. If you know anything about my breastfeeding journey with Nora, then you know it was rough! Ivy is an amazing eater and breastfeeding couldn’t be going better! She latched perfectly in the hospital and hasn’t looked back! In fact, the week we were in the hospital with her, all the doctors and nurses remarked at how she never wavered in how well she ate. I am so happy things are going differently this time around. I also know that things can change, and luckily because of my experience with Nora, I know that if we have to switch to formula at some point… that’s okay too! Fed is best!

Likes | Ivy loves to be swaddled, and bounced on an exercise ball. She seems to like having her diaper changed, it always calms her (see below). She loves to eat, like LOVES it!

Dislikes |Not a fan of baths at all. She hates having a dirty diaper. If we can’t figure out why she’s crying changing her diaper usually works.

Milestones/Other | Of course this month has gone by so fast, but we cannot forget the week spent in the hospital when Ivy had RSV. It was no fun at all, and I pray we never have to go through that again. It’s terrible to see your sweet innocent baby so sick and helpless. We are so glad that’s over!

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