Baby Smith #2 | 36 Weeks

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Technically I am only 35 weeks 3 days today, but we’re just gonna call it the 36 week update…

How far along:  36 weeks

Size of baby: Papaya

Must haves : 

  • Sleep. Exhaustion has hit hard. It almost feels like the first trimester all over again. I have been taking naps when Nora does every day.
  • I am just to the point of being uncomfortable all the time. So my must haves are simple. Comfy clothes, a couch or bed, and rest.

Sleep: Sleep has been different each night. Some nights I sleep like a log, and others I have bouts of terrible insomnia. I never know what the night will hold. Getting up to pee a billion times a night is not helpful!

Cravings: See challenges section below…

Gender: Collin still says boy for sure. I started thinking girl the last few weeks. No idea why, it’s just what I’ve been feeling. Honestly, I have no clue. I like it that way!

Challenges: I debated on sharing this or not, mainly for silly reasons, but I want to remember this and document this pregnancy well.

At 29 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was shocked to say the least. Mainly because I had so many misconceptions about the condition. I didn’t think a skinny, healthy, young person could have it. Luckily, I am “borderline” which means I can control it by just changing my diet. No need for medication or insulin shots, I just have to stick to a strict diet. It’s not fun at all, especially when you’re pregnant and craving things all the time. I can’t just give into those cravings, or eat whatever I want. That’s hard for a pregnant lady! It’s also no fun to prick my finger and check my blood sugar four times a day. But, I will do whatever I need to do to keep this baby healthy!

Everything is going great so far, baby looks perfectly healthy, and I am keeping my blood sugar in check by just sticking to the diet.

Not a fun thing by any means, but it could be so much worse.

Best moments:

  • Baby’s room is ready!
  • We finally got the carseat installed, packed our bags, and are just patiently waiting! Nora surprised us and came early, so we know our timeline could be shorter than we think.
  • Because of the gestational diabetes diagnosis we get extra ultrasounds which is kind of fun. With Nora, I got one at 10 weeks and one at 20 weeks. That was all. We got to see this little one at 32 weeks and will again on Monday! They are just checking for the size of baby, since that’s the biggest concern with GD.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little one, and being able to eat as much sugar as I want again! I’ve been pinning a million desserts I am going to make!

How’s dad doing: Daddy is ready, just tired of waiting. He’s also probably tired of me getting in and out of bed 3-4 times a night.

How’s big sister: Nora is seriously surprising me with how much she seems to understand. I think she might really get that there is a baby in my belly and it’s going to come out and be ours. We are attempting potty training this week. I wasn’t planning on it until much later, but Nora’s doctor said we should at least try. She said Nora is very sharp, and ahead of most two year olds so she will probably catch on quickly. She mentioned how nice it would be to have only one in diapers too. We started this week and don’t you worry, that will be a blog for the future!


Baby Cashew,

These are the final weeks of you living in my belly. This pregnancy has been a little more difficult that with Nora, but I wouldn’t trade feeling your little kicks for the world! I am so excited to see your sweet face, and learn just who you are! No rush honestly, but if you wanted to come a little early like your sister momma and daddy wouldn’t be too mad!

One thought on “Baby Smith #2 | 36 Weeks

  1. susansnodgrass says:

    Sharing our potty training experience with our now 33 year old daughter. At that time experts said if a child was consistently dry at night, they were ready. Leigh was so we started. On day one, I let her drink all day long and took her to the potty every little bit. She owed 18 times and 13 were in the potty. That mostly did it. Every time she went, we would cheer like crazy! That really tickled her and spurred her on. Leigh was good sized before she realized people weren’t supposed to cheer when she peed! Positive reinforcement works super well. Did for us. Maybe Nora will respond well to it if you decide to try that. Good luck. Looking forward to meeting baby!


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