Four on Friday | Babymoon Week

As you read this Collin and I are in a hotel enjoying our “babymoon.” We dropped Nora off with her Grammy and Pa on Thursday afternoon and we are free until tonight!

We didn’t want to go anywhere too far because we didn’t have a ton of freedom in our schedule or want to spend the cash. So we opted to get a hotel in the “city” and just enjoy time together with no munchkin needing us!

We had dinner last night and then went to a great concert. Today we are going to see a movie in the new and improved movie theater in town. We literally cannot remember the last time we saw a movie together. Then, we are going to eat at a new restaurant we have been wanting to try. Oh, and sleeping in! That’s really the best part because our child enjoys waking up at 6:30am on the dot each day!

I may post more about our babymoon later, but for today here are four other highlights from the week! Only four because I know the babymoon would be number five!


Since we are down to the final weeks with just Nora I am really trying to give her some extra quality time. I know she might be a little confused about why momma is spending so much time with the baby, so I want to make sure she gets some good momma time before those days come. She is so into legos right now and will spend a good hour playing with them on her own. A few nights recently I have sat down with her and we’ve used every lego to build a tall tower!



We celebrated Collin turning 28 on Tuesday this week. He got some presents, Nora sang him “happy dirday to you daddy” about a million times and we went to get him some sushi (gross). Love celebrating this man on mine!

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 1.49.02 PM


I don’t know if this really counts as a highlight, but I bought Nora her first pack of big girl underwear! We are gonna start potty training next week. We are going into it knowing she may not be ready and that’s okay. We just want to try because having only one in diapers would be so nice! Wish us luck!



This picture is a highlight all its own. I love my people and I cannot wait to add another so soon! Just look at Nora’s face! She is too much to handle!


One thought on “Four on Friday | Babymoon Week

  1. Rachel says:

    We potty trained about a month ago! The Oh Crap potty training book was a great guide. And just fyi- the book discussed how many kids will resist potty training after a day or two and many parents mistake this for their kids not being ready, but actually it’s just typical 2 yr old behavior. We hit resistance at day three, and wanted to give up, but pushed through on the advise of the book and she has been using the potty beautifully ever since! Good luck!


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