Prayer of the Impatient Mom


Our work as mommas can be long and tedious. Somedays are downright tough! All moms have had those days where they had to repeat themselves ten times and felt like they still were not heard. The littlest ones take so much time to figure things out, and those toddlers don’t learn or mature overnight. It is made especially hard because we often can’t see God’s plan for our children all at once.

This is why praying for patience in those “heated” moments or tough seasons is so important.

I know I often find my patience wearing thin when Nora is testing the limits or simply acting like the child she is! I don’t like the way I feel when I get worked up an lose my patience. So, as difficult as it can be in the moment, I always try and remember to pray for God to give me a little extra patience and grace for my gal in those moments.

It’s usually a quick prayer, often times said out of utter desperation. But praying for patience is a place I find myself often. So, why not make it a regular prayer in my life? I wrote up this little prayer and wanted to share it with all my other momma friends!

I know we can all use it!


Dear Lord,

I know you have a plan for my child. You knit them together and carefully created each part of them. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. They have unique and special traits and gifts, and I thank you for allowing me to be their momma. I am frustrated because I want to quickly see the fruits of my labor. Please grant me the patience to continue being obedient to your word in raising my child. My child is worth all the hard work I put in each day. My most important calling is to guide them in your ways Lord. Teach me to wait with patience in hope and confidence for you to make your will known. I cannot parent my child correctly without you, your grace, and a little extra patience. 



Keep on keeping on momma friends! Our work is hard, but oh so worth it for the little lives we were blessed to love and guide!

One thought on “Prayer of the Impatient Mom

  1. itme2again says:

    Beautiful prayer. I’m sure that your mother, and all mothers have felt the same feeling, and said a similar prayer while raising your sister and brothers. Every time I see Nora, I know that you are a great mother, it shows. Your motherly work shines through.


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