Redeeming a Bad Day

mercieskitchenLast week I had one of those horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad days. Everything seemed to be working against me. On top of that, I just felt lazy and unmotivated to get anything productive done. By the end of the day I felt defeated and literally had nothing to show for my day.

On days like those, I typically eat worse. I don’t get ready, or care well for myself so I feel down about my appearance. I often spend way too much time scrolling through my phone, so comparison and envy creep in. I notice my patience is much more thin, and smaller things set me off. Along with all of that, on those crumby days I usually neglect reading the Bible or just go through the motions when I do.

I know if you are human (and I hope you are, cause if you’re not and you’re reading this something strange is going on) then you have had days like this too. Those lazy, unproductive, all-around bummers of a day. Those days may be incredibly unproductive, but somehow they can also be the most draining.

After this downright upsetting day, I didn’t sleep well that night, and I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed.

I could have let that set the course for the new day. But, I was determined to have a different kind of day.

A better day.

Once of my favorite verses, and one I even have written on our kitchen chalkboard is found in Lamentations 3.

“His mercies are new every morning”

I love the promise that God can redeem a bad day. You don’t have to be stuck in a cycle of rough days, God offers His grace and new mercies with the arrival of each new day. There isn’t anything special you have to do to receive those mercies, he gives them freely!

So what was that fresh new day like for me?

One of the best days ever!

I woke up, tired, but determined to take God’s new mercies and use them wisely! I ate a healthy breakfast with my little gal, took a shower and got ready. I enjoyed my coffee while watching Nora play, just soaking in this too-short phase of her life.

Then, I got busy! I cleaned all the floors, did every single piece of laundry in the house, even scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom.

I made my gal and I a healthy lunch, but enjoyed a small treat after. I prayed for patience when Nora wasn’t cooperating during clean up time. I read my Bible and learned a lot in the process. I rested. Something I don’t do nearly enough! Then, when Nora woke from her nap we played and laughed together. My phone was nowhere near us. I made dinner for my family and we all enjoyed our evening.

I was in a great mood all day. I felt happy and fulfilled. It was a good day.

God wants us to have good days, that’s why he offers us those new mercies with the rising of the sun each morning. He wants us to feel His love and use our time wisely. To spend time with our families and to spend time in His word.

It’s been a while since I have had two days in a row with such stark differences. I am thankful for those two days though, because it really made me reflect on how God can truly redeem any bad day I may have. I simply need to call on Him, remember those new mercies, and take some action of my own!

So, next time you are having a crumby day. Remember that God doesn’t desire that for you, he wants to pour his grace and mercy on you and redeem any horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad day.

To help you remember this loving promise from God, I created a print for you to download for FREE! Just click here to download, print, and enjoy!


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