Nora Kate | Two

I may or may not have shed a few tears while writing this post.

How is my baby girl already two years old? That saying, “The days are long, but the years are short,” is maybe one of the most true things ever spoken. Not only does it feel like time has literally flown by, I also just cannot believe how lucky I am to be the momma to such a sweet, fun two year old!


Here is what my gal has been up to lately!I think of all the new skills Nora has acquired in the months since the last update, her vocabulary is the most impressive. She can communicate with us about anything she wants and string long sentences together. She regularly uses 3-4 word sentences, but has been known to throw some 5-6 word ones in too! Often people are surprised that she is newly two because she talks so well. I think it helps that she has two parents who love to talk!

With this new found skill of affective communication has come a new love of expressing her opinions. Girlfriend lets it be known when she wants something, or doesn’t want something. In fact, her mouth has gotten her in trouble a time or two! It’s easy to tell that she really likes being able to let us know what she thinks, and that we can understand her!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.46.01 PM

Nora is getting more and more coordinated all the time. Although she did inherit her dad’s clumsiness, so she has that working against her. She is running faster, climbing higher, and now jumps with both feel off the ground!

Along those lines, Nora is fearless! She is not afraid to scale ladders that lead to the highest tower at the park. She goes down the biggest slides and pops out the other end with a huge smile on her face. I love that she is brave, but also knows when she needs me!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.46.53 PM

Nora’s little personality is really blossoming. She is outgoing and friendly just like her daddy. She is especially brave with other kids and loves to make new friends. I love watching her join in with a group of kids already playing. It always makes me so proud!

She is goofy as can be and has really been working her facial expressions lately. She does this new thing where she will open her eyes really wide and kind of give side eye. It gives her the perfect mix of attitude and adorableness! It’s been so fun to see how she is really coming into her own lately. She is clearly her own little person, and that is so fun to see develop.


Praise the Lord the five months of short naps (45 minutes to an hour) and waking up screaming are over! She started to come out of it after Christmas and I was so worried that moving was going to ruin all the progress made. However, it seemed to make all the difference. We moved her to a big girl bed at the beginning of January and she began napping for 2+ hours again! She has also been waking up and just talking to her self instead of crying uncontrollably. I am so happy to have that phase over with! Just in time to deal with a newborn’s sleep patterns…

She still sleeps great at night. She has always been a wonderful nighttime sleeper. Of course she goes through stages, but they are usually short lived. She goes to bed between 7:30-8 and wake up between 6:30-7. She is easy to put to sleep, and wakes up chipper! We are so blessed!


If there is one area I have really had to learn to relax in with parenting, it’s eating. Nora went through her first phase of not eating at around 16-17 months. I thought it was the end of the world and it meant she had become a picky eater. For a few days I really stressed out about it. Then after a few weeks, she suddenly started eating great again. Then, a few months later, same thing. Suddenly stopped eating, seemed picky and wasn’t eating foods she had previously snarfed down. After a few weeks, she was back to chowing down on all the regulars!

So I’ve learned that eating changes are just a phase like so many other things. We made sure to continue to offer all foods, encourage her to eat (not punish), and reward good eating. She now loves getting to make a happy plate at each meal!


A few things Nora has been loving lately.

Play dough | This is a new things for her and she is a huge fan!

Coloring |Nora began loving to color around 18 months and it is still one of her favorite things to do.

Puppy Dog Pals & Tumble Leaf | Nora only gets to watch a show about 2-3 times a week, but these two are her clear favorites.

Music | She has amazed us with not only her love of music, but remembering songs. We made her a Spotify playlist of all her favorites and she can name almost every song after the first few notes. Her absolute favorites are Trashin’ the Camp from Tarzan, Remember Me from CoCo, and When We’re Together from Frozen. She’s never seen any of those movies, but loves those three songs and requests them often!

Favorite Toys | Baby dolls, play kitchen, stuffed animals, dollhouse, and legos. Nora also loves to be outside so winter is no fun.

Books | Nora is still a huge bookworm and asks for us to read multiple books a day. She will also spend a long time just looking at books by herself.


Nora Kate,

You are simply the best! Your daddy and I love to watch you grow and change each day. You’re the perfect mixture of sweet and feisty and we wouldn’t .have it any other way! We love you so much and cannot wait to see how you grow and change in the next year!


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