Birthday Girl |Two

IMG_1240Tomorrow, when Nora opens her eyes and begins her morning routine of singing to herself in bed, she will wake up a two year old!

My heart can hardly handle it, but yet I’m so excited!

Nora is really coming into her own, and this is such a fun age! Sure, she tests us a bit more now, likes to make her opinions known, and totally controls the music we listen to. But, I love that she can communicate with us, and how her little big personality is always on full display!

So, on the eve of my best gal’s birthday. I wanted to write her a little something she can read later on.




My sweet baby girl. You are so special to me because you made me a mama. Every day you make my heart swell with love, more love than I ever thought my heart could even hold. I love seeing your toothy grin. I love listening to you sing in bed at night and at the start of each new day.  I love it when you hold my hand and lead me somewhere. I love when you tell me, “hair pretty momma.” I love how brave you are, but yet how you still need me. I love watching you play intently, using your growing imagination. I love all the cute words you can say. I love how you light up when you see your daddy and me in the morning. You are beautiful, kind, smart, and a little feisty too.

You are simply one special gal.

I am so thankful to witness you growing up right in front of my eyes. God really outdid himself when he created you. Each and every day I am so blessed to get to call you mine. Life is better because you are here.

I love you so much, Nora Kate!


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