Styled Bookshelf

At the very beginning of our marriage I worked as a receptionist at a car dealership. The dealership was having a contest on their Facebook page for employees and the winners (first, second, third) won Target gift cards. I placed second and won a $250 Target gift card. Any girl’s dream right?

Well, our house had needed a bookshelf for a long time, so I spent half of the money on a white bookshelf.

I love a good bookshelf. I have always loved books and a dreamy bookshelf is one of my favorite home accessories! When I first set the bookshelf up, I simply put books on the shelves. I organized them by type of book and then by size on the shelf. Nothing special, but I still love the look of book spines all lined up!

After we moved to our first home that we owned I decided to try styling our bookshelf. I had pinned tons of rainbow bookshelf pictures on Pinterest so I decided to go that direction. I also looked at all kinds of other pins after searching “styled bookshelves”, and found inspiration from the ones below.

So, after some time and work, I styled our first bookshelf! I kept with the rainbow theme, did not organize the books by size, and added a few decorative pieces on some of the shelves.  This is what I ended up with!


Once we moved here I had a whole new outlook on decor. I read Emily Ley’s book A Simplified Life and decided to purge books like crazy! Why keep them all if I am never planning on reading them again? So I got rid of many books, only keeping my favorites (and Collin’s too of course). I also used some of those same pins and decided to stick to color coding, but to not stack books in the traditional way. I also added in decorative pieces amongst the books on each shelf. I also decided to add some of Nora’s books to the bottom shelf so it was more functional.


I am really happy with the way it turned out, and I feel like I have a dreamy bookshelf of my own now!

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