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kitchensinkI am admittedly a total nerd. I love systems, hacks, and organizational tricks that make a day go smoother. I have scoured Pinterest for ideas, have countless screenshots from blog and Instagram posts from others, and occasionally I come up with a few of my own! I just love simple routines that can make my day go smoother, my house stay cleaner, and make me feel saner!

Today, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites. Things that have been implemented in our home for a while now. I have tried countless things, but these are the ones that stuck! This means, they are actually attainable for our family!

I hope you get some great ideas, that maybe you haven’t thought of before!


|Clean Kitchen Completely After Dinner|

I tend to make a big mess when I cook. Lots of dishes, food everywhere, and things all over the counter. Cooking, feeding, and cleaning up after a family is a lot of work. Especially after a day full of tending to a little one and attempting to keep a house tidy. So, I often do not feel like cleaning up the kitchen after dinner is over. However, more than that, I hate waking up to a sink full of dishes and a crumby countertop. So, Collin and I work together to knock out the kitchen to get it spotless each evening. With us both working it doesn’t take too long, and it makes the next day a clean slate! When I cook, I even try and clean up along the way as much as possible. That way, our ending clean up time is lessened and we have more family time! I truly can’t tell you how amazing it is to wake up to a spotless kitchen each morning. Simple pleasures people!

| Sort Silverware By Type In Dishwasher|

This may be something you have always done, but I only started doing it a couple years ago and it has changed things for me! One of my least favorite household chores is putting dishes away. I especially dislike putting the silverware away. I saw a Pinterest organization post once and it mentioned putting all spoons in one compartment, forks in another, and so on. It really just makes sense, so I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before. It takes a little extra time when putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but makes putting them all away so much easier! Just grab a section, and place in the drawer. Little to no sorting!

|Use the Same Few Dishes All Day|

It would be possible (if I allowed it), that by the end of the day each family member would have three cups in the sink and two snack bowls. That’s fifteen dishes that need washed! No way! So, now we keep the same cups all day. Nora’s milk cup and water cup go in the fridge and are used for all three meals or snacks, then washed that evening. Collin and I usually have water glasses for the day and we use the same one all day long. If Nora or I have a snack that isn’t messy (like crackers or chips), I save our snack dishes for other snacks we may have that day. Collin and I have coasters on the counter designated for our drink cups, and I place snack bowls in a certain area once we are finished. Then at the end of the day, those dishes all get washed.  It cuts back on the number of dishes used significantly! Really easy to do and becomes a habit after a while.

|Fold Laundry on Kitchen Table or Bed|

I actually just started doing this a few months ago, and honestly haven’t quite got back into the habit since moving. We have an interesting washer/dryer situation at this house, so it complicates things. But, a while back I started folding laundry at the kitchen table. I would set my hamper full of clean clothes on a kitchen chair. Once I folded something, I would place it on the table. I hate having a kitchen table that is full of junk. So, when I fold my laundry and place it on the table it forces me to put it away. I used to be bad about leaving a load or two folded in a hamper, and inevitably we would live from that hamper for a week or so. I have heard of some people doing this on their bed. That way you can’t go to sleep if your bed if piled high with nicely folded laundry! You’re forced to fold it and put it away.

|Have Designated Clean Up Times Throughout the Day|

Our family has established two distinct clean up times for each day. This is easy for me since I stay home, but could be incorporated into a working parent’s weekend or even daily schedule as well.  Most mornings we all wake up to a clean house, but it takes Nora about .5 seconds to change that! It’s not worth it to constantly be picking up, but to make things easier we clean up at certain points in our day. This is great for keeping the house tidy and is a good transition for Nora. After lunch each day, Nora gets about 10 more minutes to play while I clean up the kitchen. Then, Nora and I work together to pick up toys before nap time. This helps so that I can enjoy most of nap time, and the house is once again fresh and tidy when the mini tornado awakes! Nora also picks up toys before she goes to bed. We are working hard to teach her that her messes are her responsibility. She can’t quite clean up 100% of the messes she makes, so we help a little. She still needs lots of guidance, but by teaching her now she will be a great help when she is more capable.

livingroomnhThese may seem silly, or simple to you but they have saved my sanity in so many ways. Some of them really are no brainers, others are things you may have never thought of and can make a big difference in your home! If you have any other time saving, or organizational “life hacks” please comment below and share! I can always use more sanity!

*I wrote a similar post about how I keep our house tidy. It has some other good tips and tricks! Click here to read!

One thought on “Easier Living | Life Hacks

  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    After 39 years of marriage, there are certain things I always do. When cooking, I always clean as I go. Never had a dishwasher, so I have a sink of sudsy very warm water and wash as I finish with a dish or utensil. At the end of a meal, all I have to do is wash what remains on the table. And I save on energy by not running a dishwasher. I deep clean every week on Tuesday and pick up in between. That way, I am never overwhelmed. I turn my mattress and clean the vacuum filter every three months. It really does make them last longer. Each week I Swiffer all picture frames and clean the glass monthly. I owned a cleaning service before I injured my back and I have seen photo glass frames that were nearly black with dust. If you make this part of your routine, it’s easily done and never overwhelming. I even did this when my daughter was small. Clorox wipes are also a wonderful invention. Perfect for the bathroom, which in my opinion, is the fastest and easiest room in the house to get dirty. These wipes, used once a day, take mere seconds to keep a bathroom clean and free of germs. For the most part. Storage baskets under end tables are also a super hack. Can’t wait to see Cashew!!


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