Momma Confessions V


These are my confessions.

One | I have worn the same comfy pajama pants for the last three days in a row. And no, they haven’t been washed in between. (Got them for $10 at Wally World!)

Two | I have given up on bibs mostly. Nora yanks them off about two seconds into any meal. So, in turn, most of her shirts are forever stained.

Three | In the past week Nora has repeated the following words that may or may not have come out of my mouth. Boob, shiz, weiner, and crap. No, I am not proud…

Four | I am so much worse at keeping a straight face when disciplining than I thought I would be. I had no problem with my students, I could stone face all day! But sometimes what Nora does is bad, but so stinkin’ cute or funny. Never thought The Hubs would be the one to step in and be serious.

Five | Nora has been a stinker lately about going down for her nap. She finally realized that she can in fact get out of her bed, and even reach her toys. I don’t like this new development, however it has bought me an “extra” 45 minutes to an hour at nap time. That, I don’t hate.

Six | I may or may not have sat on the couch for hours the other day. Hours. I had no motivation to do anything productive. I literally just sat on the couch, looked at my phone and read a few books to Nora here and there. It was pitiful, but sorta felt like just what I needed!


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