Baby Number Two | 28 Weeks

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Well, I sure haven’t done much better about documenting this pregnancy than I said I would do eight weeks ago. But, better to have some sort of update than none at all. I already feel sorry for any other kids we have. If I drop the ball so quickly with baby 2, other kiddos are in trouble!

How far along:  28 weeks

Size of baby: Egg Plant

Must haves : 

  • Comfy clothes. I am all about comfort these days, the last few weeks have provided aches and pains and I just wanna be cozy!
  • Water and juice! I have been so thirsty lately. I am drinking as much water as I can stand and than switching to juice. I am craving orange juice, just like I did with Nora!

Sleep: Sleep has been really good lately! I have been easily going back to sleep after getting up in the middle of the night and have been sleeping really hard. I know this most likely won’t last, so I am soaking it in for now!

Cravings: After basically a entire month of eating out (because we were moving and I refused to buy groceries). I have been craving fresh fruit and home cooked meals! I also got my taste back for coffee this past week and have had a Pioneer Woman iced coffee every morning! I have also been really into greek yogurt and granola for breakfasts! Go me!

Gender: No change here. I am still clueless as ever and Collin is convinced it’s a boy. So excited to find out! Seriously, if you are pregnant or gonna be soon I highly recommend waiting to find out. Best. Surprise. Ever. So much fun!

Challenges: Still struggle with lower back pain when I do too much during the day. It doesn’t hurt until I slow down. Then it tightens up and really hurts until I get it loose again.

Best moments:

  • We moved and baby has a room! We just moved the crib in there so it’s taking shape. Still a long way to go, but at least this kid has its own room now!
  • Baby and mom are still checking out healthy as ever at each appointment!
  • The wild belly movements and painful kicks have begun!
  • Braxton Hicks contractions are regularly occurring now.
  • Baby officially has a name either way. We wavered on the middle name for a boy and first for a girl for a while. We had two options we both liked for each, but we each liked the opposite ones a little more. After a late night discussion, we re settled. Mommy won on girl first name, and daddy won on boy middle name. But, we really are both happy with the choices!

Looking forward to: Checking off each week on the calendar! I am so happy to be in the third trimester. Not because I am miserable, but because I am so excited to meet this baby!

How’s dad doing: Daddy is ready for this baby to come! He is very excited and says this pregnancy has gone by slowly to him.

How’s big sister: Nora is getting to do a lot of growing up now that the countdown is on. She got to move to a big girl bed (took it like a champ), will have her carseat turned around soon, and graduated from a highchair to a booster! I am so emotional about her growing up so much lately. She is ready for these changes. Even taking them so well, but it makes momma emotional! She truly is going to be the best big sister!


Baby Cashew,

We are so ready to meet you! I have been thinking lately about how I can hardly imagine loving another kiddo as much as I love your sister. But I know I will, and that makes me so much more excited to see you! I am so curious if you will be another little gal, or a little man. Please, stay healthy in there and keep growing big and strong! We already love you!

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