Using Nap Time Wisely


If you follow along with me on Instagram, then you have heard me talk about Nora’s recent nap struggles. For almost five months now we are dealing with short naps (1 hour-1 hour and 15 minutes), and screaming when she wakes up.

I have tried EVERY. THING.


In the last few weeks I decided to just accept it. When she wakes up, I usually let her cry for a little then go and get her. Nothing I have tried has extended her naps, so I guess in a way I gave up. Every once in a while she will give me a surprise and sleep longer, but most days she sleeps an hour and fifteen minutes on the dot.

I still have hopes that it is just a loooooong phase and she will snap out of it eventually, but until then I am just asking God for extra patience and extra grace.

With this new development, I really have to use my free time wisely. I have very little of it now. All momma’s know how sacred nap time is. If you are a SAHM like me, it is sometimes your only time away from your child except bedtime. I love Nora with all my heart, but I also need a little time to myself!

I made the decision a while ago that nap times for me will be for “me time,” or “self care.” If I have dishes, laundry or other household things to get done, I do them while Nora is awake. She is great at entertaining herself so I can get those things done mostly undistracted. So, while Nora naps I do things I maybe couldn’t do while she was awake.

I always begin by reading my Bible and praying. I used to do this in the mornings, but Nora is up and ready to go by 6:30 everyday. So, I shut my door, get cozy in bed with the pups and read the Bible.

Then, after I have completed that, I use whatever time I may have left for anything I want! My idea is to basically do something for me, that I wouldn’t prefer to have Nora around for. Some of these things include:


Watching a show

Painting my nails

Reading a book

Scrolling through social media

Eating without interruption and without having to share 😉

I simply realized that since my time is short, I need to be filling it with things I want to do for me and alone. It feels like a waste on days that I use those precious moments to clean.

I know all momma’s use their child’s nap times differently, but what I think is important is that whatever you are doing it is exactly what you want to be doing!

For more on this topic, Risen Motherhood (my favorite podcast) has a great episode on the topic! Click here to listen!


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