Five on Friday | Lately

Normally these posts are meant to be highlights from the week. I wouldn’t say today’s are all highlights, but rather the things that are going on lately in our little family!


We began this week with a fun little outing with friends and their little boy! We headed over to “the city” to watch The Parade of Lights. Nora was mesmerized the whole time! Luckily, the weather has been in the mid fifties, so it was only in the forties by parade time. Totally manageable! We don’t get out with friends often enough, but when we do it’s so good for the soul!

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.46.03 PM


My parents have been staying in “the city” as research for my mom’s new book. They rented out an airbnb, and got to explore my stomping grounds! We were all able to see them a few times which was a nice change from only seeing them a few times a year. One morning we all met them for coffee, since we had a photographer we snapped a family picture!

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 12.46.13 PM


This gal has truly been amazing me this week. After a week of traveling all over the place, we finally got back to our normal schedule at home. One of my favorite parts of being at home with her is that I get to really see how much she is growing and changing… right before me! She is talking up a storm, and is seriously the sweetest kid I know! Always ready to give an unsolicited kiss, and saying “I love you” randomly! So sweet!



Our house sold! Praise the Lord! However, this is the state of our house right now. Closing is scheduled for December 27th, and I don’t want to be packing last minute if possible. I am attempting to pack two boxes a day to hopefully make some progress. We will be living temporarily in our church’s parsonage (a home owned by the church), which is such a blessing. There are very few options in the town we want to live in, so this will allow us to wait on the perfect home, and be ready to jump on it when it comes available! We are moving in the bare minimum and storing the rest. So packing this time around is much different. Lots of organization and labeling needed!



On the same note, this is what packing pregnant and with a toddler is like. I’m more tired, my pregnancy brain causes me to be all over the place, and Nora unpacks a box as fast as I pack it! We will make it through, but sheesh it’s a lot different then moving to our current house! Pray for us… or send help!



Hope your December is off to a great start! This really is the best time of year, but it is about to get crazy!

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