Nora Kate | Months 19-21

A little update on Miss Nora, and how she has grown and changed in the last three months! I cannot believe she will be two in less than three months! I am loving these days at home with my gal!


| What Nora Can Do |

| She is a growing gal who now wears size 6 diapers and 2T clothes.

| Nora was very slow to get teeth in the beginning of her life, but finally has so many we lost count!

| Climbing, running, and jumping are some of her favorite things! She is an active kid with very little fear! She will try anything, but is good about getting help when she needs it too.

| Nora’s vocabulary is so big now we can’t even keep track. She basically picks up multiple new words each day, and retains them. She also just started adding ending consonants onto words, so what she says is much more clear. She puts 3-4 word sentences together as well. Basically, she can communicate about anything she wants to with us now!

| Nora likes to let us know when she is unhappy with something. Around month 21 she started throwing fits and telling us “no.” We are quick to ignore the fits and discipline any disobedience, but gosh it’s hard not to laugh sometimes!


| What Nora Eats |

| Around month 18 Nora began to exercise her right to say no at the table. She isn’t a picky eater by any means, but sometimes she just decides she doesn’t want to eat much at all. We can always get her to eat fruit, but we save it for last. She goes back and forth between eating amazing and eating like a bird.

| Breakfast she usually eats great. She often inhales her lunch, but dinner is the tricky one. We never know how she will eat at dinnertime.

| Favorite foods include; strawberries, clementines, spaghetti, chicken, peas, sweet peppers, yogurt, and blueberries.

| She loves fruit snacks and cheese crackers.

| Nora drinks milk well with her meals and is also a big fan of cold water. She prefers to drink mommy or daddy’s water, but her sippy cup will do too! I still haven’t given her juice and maybe won’t until she’s older.

| She is now a champ at using a spoon and a fork. We try to make sure that she gets plenty of chances to use them.


| What Nora Loves |

| Nora has really begun to play pretend lately. She likes to copy things she sees me do throughout the day. She likes to wear sunglasses, put a purse over her shoulder, and pretend to talk on the phone… just like momma!

| Books are still one of her ultimate favorite toys. She will look at books forever!

| She loves to be outside. Luckily we have had high temperatures for October and November and we get out as much as we can!

| Girl is obsessed with anything puppy. She can spot a puppy anywhere, and gets excited anytime she sees one.

| Some of Nora’s favorite toys include; baby dolls, play kitchen, Duplo blocks, stuffed animals, and coloring.


| What Has Nora Been Up To|

| Maybe the biggest thing for Nora is that she learned she will become a big sister in April! She has no idea what’s coming, but I think she will be the best sister ever!

| Nora got to dress up as a pink poodle, and enjoy a fun night at our church trunk or treat.

| Nora celebrated Thanksgiving. She was a big fan of the turkey and corn casserole.

| We decorated the house for Christmas, and went to our local Parade of Lights.

| Lots of trips to the park, Target, and eating out with family.

|In November we made a big trip to Kentucky with my family. We stayed in a hotel and went to The Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter. My gal was amazing the entire time, including the six hour drive home!


Nora Kate,

I know I say this every month, but you are just so much fun! Not only are you sweet, but you are so funny and entertaining! I love watching your imagination develop, and your personality blossom. You are your own little person, and I am so proud of who you are becoming! I feel so blessed to be able to spend my days at home with you. I know you may not always think of me as your best friend (oh teenagers), but I know you do now and it’s my favorite!


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