Random Thoughts on Baby #2


Welcoming a second baby into the family feels very different than expecting Nora did. For so many reasons it just feels different. I am sure a third, fourth, or however many more each feel different in some ways too.

I’ve said it before, but this blog is a huge way for me to document our little life. Just the other night I went back a year, and reread almost all of those past posts. It brought back so many memories, and just made me so happy to reminisce. A couple days ago I had some heartburn. I thought it was a little early for that to start, so I went back to my bumpdate posts and found when it began with Nora to compare. So helpful to have this space to look to. I know our kiddos will love being able to see it someday as well!

So, because of those reasons. Many times my posts are not specifically meant for other readers. Anytime a post is helpful or entertaining to others I love to hear that. But, most of the time I am writing for me and my family! I just invite others to come along on the journey!

Today, I am jotting down all the random thoughts I have on welcoming baby Smith #2 into our little family. I don’t ever want to forget these feelings, and emotions!

|I thought my fears of miscarriage would be minimal since I have now welcomed a healthy baby. Sadly, that’s not been the case. In some ways I was almost more scared because now I know how much love my heart can hold for a child. I am thankful each day for this baby, and for a God who knows my fears and will carry me through them.

|Even though it wasn’t that long ago that I was pregnant with Nora, I still have trouble remembering the details. Multiple times I will bring something up about this pregnancy and mention to Collin how I don’t remember it with Nora. He kindly reminds me that I complained about the same things!

|It’s true what they say, every pregnancy is different. I was in great shape before I got pregnant with Nora, this time… not so much. I am having worse back pain and more aching and can just tell I’m a little “worse for the wear.” Some things have seemed almost identical, others are different, plus my body has changed. Pregnancy really is pretty miraculous!

|There is so much less fear and uncertainty this time around. With Nora we were so nervous and unsure about bringing home an infant. We were also mainly hopefully expectant about everything. This time around it’s a big mix of both emotions. We remember those first few months, and how utterly exhausted we were. We know about all the rough patches, regressions, and other tough stuff. But, we also know how much love our hearts can hold, all of the amazing parts of parenthood, and just how plain awesome raising a kiddo is. So, we are looking forward to this baby in a whole new way.

|Bringing home a new little one is so incredibly exciting no matter when, but it’s so different to also have Nora to think about. I feel like I go back and forth about being sad for Nora, and also incredibly excited for her. I know her world will be rocked. She will have to learn to deal with no longer being the only babe. Part of me is “mourning” my days with just the two of us. At the same time, I know how fun it was to grow up with siblings. I feel like we are giving her one of the best gifts ever, she just might take a while to realize it! It simply introduces a whole new set of emotions.

I may add to this post as new thoughts enter my mind, but for now these are the things I have been feeling. I know I’ll be glad I wrote these down!

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