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cooking | made my Thai Chicken Wraps for lunches this week. Seriously, if you haven’t tried these you need to! They are not only incredibly healthy, but absolutely delicious as well!
reading | this bible study. I cannot say enough good about this study. I highly recommend it for any women out there. Even if you have never opened your Bible before, but want to start. This study is for every woman in every season! So, so good!
indulging | I am still chowing down on Nora’s leftover Halloween candy. I am also loving Great Value’s Mint Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream!
hoping | For a great report on baby #2 at our ultrasound tomorrow. We won’t be finding out the gender again (here’s why, in case you’re curious), and it’s only hard while we are in that room and could know. Other than that, it’s actually easy to wait, and so much stinkin’ fun!
wearing |All the sweatpants! I also just ordered a few shirts from this shop recently, and I am loving them!
loving | our house all decorated for Christmas! Check back later this week to see some photos, or go to this post to see some pictures of us decorating.
excited | for Thanksgiving with my in-laws, they have the best food! A trip with my parents after Thanksgiving. Then, it’s Christmas time!
wanting | still haven’t pulled the trigger on some good maternity jeans. I think I am gonna end up ordering online and just returning what doesn’t work. I’ve got my eye on this pair, hope I like them!
feeling | extra blessed. This time of year always brings our the warm-fuzzies in me, and getting to celebrate the holidays with Collin, Nora, and the sweet babe in my belly is just really special!

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