Decking the Halls + Cherry Christmas Braid

Normally, Collin makes me wait until closer to Thanksgiving to put up our tree and decorate for Christmas. But, this year we are going to be taking a little trip around Thanksgiving so my wonderful hubby compromised!

We spent Monday (Collin’s new day off), decking the halls! We have a tradition of staying in our jammies, getting the house all decorated, eating a yummy dinner, then I make a Cherry Christmas Braid for dessert! So much fun! Of course I got some pictures to share with you all!

We recreated some pictures we took last year and boy did it put things in perspective. Time flies!

Next year when we decorate we will have a 9 month old and an almost three year old! Crazy!

*Scroll to the bottom of the post for the Cherry Christmas Braid recipe! 






Cherry Christmas Braid


|What You Need|

1 tube of crescent rolls

1 can cherry pie filling

Powdered sugar



|What You Do|

|Preheat oven to 350.

|Arrange crescent rolls on an ungreased pan in a star formation.

| Spoon cherry pie filling onto middle circular section of the crescent rolls. Use as much as desired!

| Fold pointed ends of crescent rolls over the cherry mixture and pinch together.

|Bake for 15 minutes. While baking, mix together a mixture of powdered sugar and milk to create a fairly thick icing.

| Once completely cooled drizzle icing over the top of the braid.

| Devour!



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