Nora’s Quirks

DSC_0585If you are a momma to a toddler currently, or ever were, then you know that toddlers are weird!

Seriously, they are. They do the craziest things.

One thing that is so funny to me, is how Nora will get to do something once, and then it becomes a thing she never forgets. Little, silly things like getting to push the garage door button.

We usually shut the door to our bedroom so Nora can’t trash all our stuff. It’s the only room that isn’t really baby proofed at all. One of us didn’t quite get the door shut all the way the other day, and Nora happened to lean back on the door with her butt, causing it to open. She thought that was so great that now, the will go up to the door and lean her little tushy into it hoping it will open. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t!

I mean, it’s the strange things like that I’m talking about! Why that was so fun and memorable?

I don’t know!

As silly as her little “quirks” are, I don’t want to forget them. They are the things that make me smile, laugh, and shake my head. So, in an attempt to remember them forever, I am writing them down!

*These are definitely more for me than anyone else. But, if you like silly toddler stories or feeling like you’re not the only one. Read on!

| Every morning when I put my mousse in my hair, Nora walks over with her hand out saying “hand, hand.” I give her a little squirt, and without fail it ends up on one of the dog’s backs! She does not miss this. She hears the sound and comes running!

|Nora loves to get in my closet, dig in my drawer of camis and undershirts and pick out her favorite for the day. She then wears it around her neck with both straps so the shirt hangs down her front like a little dress. Then she walks around saying “bye” to me all morning. Why? I have absolutely no idea!

|Each morning when I sit and do my make-up, Nora always notices when I get to my lipstick. As soon as she seems me get the gloss out, she runs over saying “me, me” and waits for me to put some on her little pout.

|Nora has an irrational fear that we are going to leave her in the car when we go someplace. As soon as we pull into a parking spot, she begins shouting “me? me?” as if to question if she gets to go in too. I promise, we have never left her in the car by herself!

|On my nightstand I have a pretty white bookend that holds my books-to-read stash. Nora will pull the bookend out, set it on the ground and sit on it exclaiming “chair!” It really does look just like a little chair with no legs! I don’t know when this started, but she does it at least three times a week!

| As we look ahead to possibly potty training ( I said possibly, so don’t hold me to it) in the next few months, we have been pointing potty lingo out to Nora. She is definitely interested, and very curious. One time I realized I was out of toilet paper, so I called her in the room and directed her to get some from the closet. She did a great job bringing me a new roll, and I of course made a big deal of her great help. Every time I went to the bathroom after that, she thought I needed a new roll again. So she would come pitter-pattering down the hall to open up the closet and get a fresh roll of TP. Luckily, after a few days she stopped and settled for just getting some paper off the current roll and handing it to me. I haven’t gotten my own toilet paper off the roll in weeks! #diva

|While we’re in the bathroom, another time when I was showering I asked Nora to hand me my towel off the sink. Apparently that was the best ever, so now when she hears the shower turn off, she runs in the bathroom to me or her daddy yelling “towel, towel,” and hands us our towel. I’m telling you, us Smith parents are pampered!

|Nora thinks anytime we close the dishwasher it’s time to push the button to run it.

|She thinks that every single time she eats something that is not a meal that she needs a bowl. I’m eating a piece of toast, and she wants a bite… she runs to get a bowl for her bite. I give her an apple to eat as she plays… she must have bowl nearby to put it in at some point.

| One day when Nora was about 20 months old, she got a sticker burr on her pant leg and one of her shoe. That was the moment she learned the word, and the obsession began. She talks about “stitcher burrs” all the time. She even likes to sing about them and who has them. I’ll ask her if someone has a sticker burr, she will enthusiastically say “yeah” and then she sings a little song about that person having a sticker burr. It sounds something likes this: “daaaaaaaadyyyyyyyyy stitcher burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Cutest thing ever! But what an odd obsession!

|She likes to help wipe her own bottom. So if she is near an open wipes container… watch out. That has been a little messy a few times!

| Nora recently began using a crazy (yet oddly affective) tactic to stall being put in her carseat. The minute her daddy or I begin to make the motion of plopping her in her seat, she will cling to us and give us the biggest hug saying “awwwwww.” It’s rather brilliant actually, because she knows how much we love hugs, and we can’t resist hugging her back. So, inevitably she gets a few extra seconds out of her seat. My child is a genius.

| When I sort laundry, Nora loves to sit in one of the hampers. As I toss dirty clothes on top of her (is that disgusting? Oh well!) she likes to call out who the item belongs to. She is pretty stinkin’ good at it too! I always pretend to be offended if she says daddy’s clothes are mine!

I know there are probably a million more little things she does that are just funny little toddlerisms, but this is a pretty good list! These are the funny little things she will love reading someday when she’s older, and I am glad I will be able to “remember” them now!

One thought on “Nora’s Quirks

  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    My baby is 33 and recently I came across a box of first things, including a pregnancy diary I kept and a journal I kept if her first few years. I know exactly what you mean! When we potty trained to her, whoever took her to the bathroom would shout ‘hooray!’ when she went pee pee or poop, and for several years she thought someone should cheer when she went potty. Too for you on that: if Nora is consistently staying dry at night, she is ready for training. Good luck!


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