Thursday Letters

Dear November,

I have always loved when you arrive. It not only means it is full-on boots and scarf wearin’ weather, but you also mark the beginning of the holiday season! I love the anticipation of seeing loved ones, beginning to listen to Christmas music, and I look forward to stuffing my face with Thanksgiving food (being pregnant on Thanksgiving is THE best!). You offer so many wonderful things, and I am so happy you are finally here!


Dear Pups,

Seriously, I love you guys so much. I know some people roll their eyes at dog lovers, but they just don’t understand. You guys are always there to make our house feel like home. I love how you have taken to jumping in bed at five in the morning lately. Kira, you curl up in a ball at my feet keeping my frozen toes warm. Rigby, the way you sprawl out under the covers and become little spoon is the best. I know I will never be cold with you both by my side!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.49.51 PM


Dear Cute, Affordable Maternity Jeans,

Where are you? I know you have to exist, or did I just dream you up? I have searched and searched to no avail. I only want to look cute, be comfy, and stay out of dept. Is that too much to ask? I’m waiting. Please show yourself soon!


Dear Nora,

Please stop growing up so fast. Thank you.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.52.37 PM


Dear Stranger Things,

Why are you not longer? I love the adrenaline rush you give me with your fear-inducing music, and frequent jump scenes. I also love how I get to snuggle up next to my love while I  have shuddered in fear these past few nights. Please come back for season three! Maybe a little longer next time?


Dear Unborn Bebe,

You are taking way too long to get here! Your daddy and I are so excited to add you to our little family! We feel like time is going by so slowly. Maybe that’s a good thing seeing as how you have no room in this house, but still if you could make time go a wee bit faster we would love that! We love you so much already, and are chomping at the bit to meet you!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.59.18 PM

Dear Rain,

Okay, one day was enough. I see you tryin’ to hang around for the rest of the week. No thank you! The door is to the right.

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