Pregnancy Essentials | Second Trimester

I’m only two weeks into my second trimester, but I’ve done this whole thing twice now so I feel like I know my stuff (haha!). I honestly thought this pregnancy would fly by since I am chasing a toddler around now, but it has actually gone by slowly so far.

Luckily, I have pretty easy pregnancies so I am fine keeping this bun a cookin’ and using some great products in the meantime!



Give me all the leggings or loose pants! I started showing way early this time around, and was bloated pretty much from day one. There is nothing more uncomfortable than pants digging into your bladder that already has to pee all the time! So leggings it is! I bought this pair from Target, and I really love them!



In full disclosure, I am terrible at swallowing pills. I know, am I even really an adult? It is totally mental on my part. If I can feel the pill in my mouth I can’t swallow it. It certainly doesn’t help that prenatal vitamins are HUGE! Seriously, who can swallow those easily? So, when I went to buy my vitamins this time around I found the gummies, and bought some of those along with my regular ones! Now, when I just don’t feel like working to swallow the big ol’ horse pill, I can just eat the candy-like gummies!



I am not a terrible eater, but I also love sweets and greasy food. I eat fruits and veggies and other good things, but if I crave something it’s gonna be something terrible for me. Breakfast is specifically hard because I want things like donuts, Pop Tarts, or anything you top with syrup. So, I went to the store and bought a ton of frozen fruit, yogurt, and juice so I can just drink my breakfast! I sneak protein powder and spinach in there too, for that extra dose of healthy!



Just like above, when I crave or want a snack, I want junk food. I found this white cheddar popcorn that is so stinkin’ good it tastes like junk food! I have been munching on this anytime I want a salty snack. Nora is a big fan as well!



If you’ve been pregnant or are currently pregnant, you know all too well what happens to the ladies during this time. Needless to say, comfort is key! Go out and buy yourself a totally unflattering, but incredibly comfy bra! You will thank me later! I’m talking, no underwire, no push-up or padding, and most likely in a nude or other grandma color. Seriously, let those ta-tas breathe a little!



Normally, I have oily skin and am prone to breakouts. When I am pregnant I have combination skin. I get dry patches and flakes (glamorous I know). So, I ordered this serum online that is really helping my skin stay moisturized, bonus that it smells really good!

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