Nora’s Knee-Slappers


If you have kids, especially toddlers, you know how they can make you laugh! Nora has always had a huge personality, but it is really showing through more and more as she grows. I especially love that she can communicate better each day! Lately, there have been so many times she has had us in stitches of laughter from something she said or did.

I want to remember all the funny things she does and says, and what better place to record them but here on my blog?


| Nora thinks that any man singing on the radio or any music is her daddy. So as soon as she hears a man’s voice, she gets so excited and says “daddy, daddy” over and over! However, the other day when “Let it Go” came on, she did the same thing…

| One evening I laid Nora down to change a stinky diaper, and noticed she was chewing on something. I squished her cheeks together to force her mouth open, and asked what she was eating. To which she responded in a squished-mouth voice “pop-ern” (popcorn). She proceeded to open her mouth real wide to prove it! She had found a piece on the floor left from her snack that afternoon.

| Nora has a pair of pink puppy jammies that she is obsessed with! She loves laundry day (Tuesday), because it means she can wear her puppy jammies that night. She likes to see them go in the washer, then be moved from the dryer and then be folded. She remembers to ask for them that night too. So cute!

| Collin was running bath water to give our dogs a bath one evening. Nora loves baths, and was really upset that she was not in the bathroom while the water was running. She stood on the other side of the gate whining, “me ba” (me bath) over and over. She had this look of utter confusion and hurt.

|She has recently learned how to say “love you,” except she doesn’t say “you” she says “love me!” I can see how that would be confusing to someone who just learned that she is me!

| Nora loves to identify whose clothes are whose when I am folding laundry. She tells me as I fold each item either momma, daddy, or me. She gets extra excited when it’s her clothes. She’s right about the item about ninety percent of the time!

*WARNING* If you don’t like potty humor, or a little TMI don’t read on!

| I’ve been showing Nora how I use the bathroom to get her interested. Nothing weird, just “look mommy is going potty,” and stuff like that. Well, she likes to watch the toilet flush. One day I had gone… not pee, and Nora looked in the toilet, and excitedly exclaimed, “CRACKERS!” No baby girl, those are NOT crackers.


I can’t wait to add to this series as Nora provides us with more laughs!

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