Photo Every Hour | Saturday Fun

After Nora and I went solo for three days this past week, we were so happy for a Saturday with daddy home! We desperately needed coffee, groceries, and had a game night with my sister’s family! A really fun and busy day!

Remembering to take all these photos is quite a chore, but I am always so happy I did! It is so fun to look back at these posts! To see more Photo Every Hour posts, click the links at the end of the post!

Here is a glimpse into our Saturday fun!


Nora is an early riser so the whole family is up and ready to go before seven. Coffee is a must! I don’t drink it much when I am pregnant, but today it sounded so good! The Hubs and I are big fans of Highlander Grog (flavors of rum, butterscotch, and vanilla), we order this brand from Amazon!



We really needed groceries so I started menu planning right away! I wouldn’t say I always love that task, but gosh it makes things so much easier in the long run! To read more about how I menu plan, click here!



Time to shower and get ready for the day! Look at that bump, and that hunk!



Headed out the door to grocery shop! I am so lucky to have a husband who likes to help me shop, and a gal who is so well behaved in the store!



We are Aldi fans and always start there. We get as much as we can there, and then head to Wal-Mart for anything left on the list. Nora really is so good in the store, but gosh does she hate scary Halloween stuff. At the entrance of Wal-Mart there is a huge spooky blow-up pumpkin. She wouldn’t let go of Collin or I until we had her all the way in the back of the store. Can we all just agree that scary stuff should be hidden, at least for the kid’s sake!



Back home, and it’s lunch time! Are we the only family who always gets fast food after groceries? I know it makes no sense because we just bought a ton of food, but it’s so convenient. The last thing I want to do after putting groceries away is prepare lunch! I love that Wal-Mart has a Subway in it!



Put Nora down for a nap, and began a little dinner prep! We do a game night once a month with my sister and her family. We swap who hosts, and October was our turn. I decided to make the fruit salad early so I wasn’t cooking the whole time when they arrived. Is their anything more beautiful than a fresh fruit salad?



Collin took the dogs for a walk on a trail near our house. While he was gone I did a little cleaning then laid down to look at Instagram. For the last two months I have been napping during Nora’s nap, but my energy is finally coming back! So, no nap for me today!



Missed a picture during this time. We were cleaning up the house before my family came over, and I began prepping some dinner!


I worked on making dinner for our game night! I made one of my favorite soup recipes, Fire Roasted Tomato Soup and grilled cheese! It was a hit!



There is always dessert at our gatherings. It’s just how we roll! Tonight there was left over peanut butter candy cake and strawberry cheese cake!



After we were done eating and my sister did all my dishes (love her), we started the game! My nephew made up a really neat game (like for real, it is impressive for a fourth grader) so we got to play it for a few rounds!



Time for the littlest tag-along to go to sleep! We are lucky to have a kiddo who sleeps through all our loud noises! Nora posed with her puppy and baby CiCi before bed!



After Nora was down, we played a round of Qwixx, talked about basketball, and then our guests left! It was a great night, and a fun day for Photo Every Hour!


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