Baby Number Two | 12 Weeks

DSC_0463 copy

How far along: 12 weeks

Size of baby: Apricot

Must haves this week: 

  • This past week I have been drinking so much water because I am thirsty all the time! That’s a great issue to have when pregnant though!
  • Maternity pants! All my pants are so uncomfortable so I am living in a pair of maternity sweatpants right now. I cannot stand having to pull up or push down my uncomfortable regular pants. Give me all the elastic bands!

Sleep: Sleeping really well once I get to sleep. I am already waking up to pee about three times a night. I am struggling to get comfortable, and actually fall asleep, but once I’m out I am sleeping hard!

Cravings: Sugar! Anything sweet, all the time! I also have really been wanting juice. Orange, apple, cranberry, you name it!

Gender: We won’t be finding out. Collin is sure it’s a boy and I flip-flop daily (okay, maybe hourly). We are calling this baby Cashew! Nora was Peanut, so we thought it was only fitting!

Challenges this week: Napping. I know, I know, first world problems. I am exhausted by the time I put Nora down, but this week I am having trouble actually getting to sleep and staying that way. I am just thankful I can take a daily nap if I want. Don’t worry, I am aware of how blessed I am!

Best moment this week: Getting to that 12 week mark! There is just some relief that some with that.

Looking forward to: Fair food this week! Not so healthy of course, but a shake-up and pronto pup just sound so good!

How’s dad doing: Wonderful! He is just as excited this time around as he was with Nora!

How’s big sister: She has no idea what is going on! When we ask “what’s in momma’s belly?” she will say “baby,” but I am just sure she doesn’t really get it. Luckily she has become obsessed with one of her baby dolls lately, and she is really sweet and gentle with it! Hopefully that is foreshadowing!

Baby’s Room: What room? We took our house off the market a few months ago to do some small renovations. We will placing it back on in the next few weeks. Hopefully we will find a new place for us in the meantime! Ideally, we would like to be in a new place before baby arrives, but if not Cashew will just share with mommy and daddy for a while.

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