Let Me Explain


“Are you still blogging?”

“Why haven’t you posted in a while?”

“Got any new blog posts coming up?”

“What happened to your blog?”

The short answer to all the questions I have been getting, (which seriously are so flattering) is that pregnancy is what happened!

If you saw our happy little announcement and read my Baby #2 FAQ, then you know that this new little one growing in my belly is kicking my butt! Not only is it making me want to puke, be repulsed by most food, and have stomach aches, but it has also somehow robbed me of blog inspiration!

It was just over a year ago that I started blogging consistently, really taking this whole thing seriously. I was on a solid roll that whole time.

Now, suddenly… nothing!

I used to have a list of blog post ideas, and the only issue was having the time to get it all put together (it actually takes a lot of work to put a whole post together; the writing, photography, links, editing etc.). Now, I just have no ideas.

Plus, all I want to do is nap. Praise the Lord I can nap every afternoon if I want to!

And I do!

So, that is what happened to my blog.

I want to put out good content. I don’t want to post random, meaningless stuff. So, I’m not gonna force it. I may have a good post here or there, but I can’t promise daily like I used to!

Inspiration will strike again I’m sure. And when it does, this ol’ blog will still be waiting.

And hopefully you will be too!


*In the meantime, if you have anything you want me to write about, or any blog ideas. Send them my way! You can comment here, on my Facebook page, or on my contact form. You never know what will spark my creativity again! 

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