Baby #2 FAQ

Thank you from the bottom on my heart for all the congratulations! We’re elated, and so happy to be able to finally share our news!

Here are some questions I have been getting since our announcement! Thought I would address them on here in case you were wondering the same!


That’s pretty close together, was this planned?

Absolutely! We want our kiddos to be fairly close together, and while we know that can present some special challenges, we think it will be worth it! Nora and this baby will be about 26 months apart, so just over two years.

How far along are you?

As of today I am just over 10 weeks!

What’s your official due date?

My due date is April 2! Collin thinks we will have an April fools baby :S I just keep remembering how Nora surprised us, and came two weeks early. So, I’m thinking we might have a March baby.

You shared before 12 weeks. Why?

I know the 12 week mark is the norm for sharing. Your risk of miscarriage go down significantly at that time. But, before Nora we lost a baby at just under 9 weeks. We had only told close family and friends about the pregnancy. Then, we never really told anyone else about that baby. It felt wrong to talk about it for some reason. People just don’t talk about miscarriage much, so I felt ashamed to share in a way. After experiencing miscarriage and a healthy pregnancy, I have changed my tune. I could lose this baby at any point in my pregnancy, I am not in control. I want to be able to celebrate the life inside of me for as long as I can! And part of the celebration is sharing with all of you!

Are you going to find out the gender?

Nope! Seriously, I try to convince everyone I know that’s pregnant to NOT find out. It is so much fun! We love the surprise! In fact as soon as I saw those two pink lines I immediately got excited to not know!

Any gender predictions so far?

Collin says boy for sure. I have learned to not guess because I stink at it. I was 100% sure Nora was a boy. I would have bet BIG money on it. You know how that turned out.

Got any names picked out?

We are pretty much settled on one boy name and one girl name. But, we won’t be sharing with anyone. Like I said, we like the element of surprise! A risk you take when not sharing the name is it getting “stolen”, but we have backups that we like too. Just in case!

How have you been feeling?

This pregnancy has actually been kicking my butt! I started getting real symptoms around week six. Nausea off and on and stomach aches every night. I didn’t really get that much with Nora, or at least not as intense. I haven’t thrown-up (I’ve only puked twice in my whole life though), but I am daily experiencing rough nausea. The exhaustion and fatigue are worse, probably because I am chasing a toddler around! Another notable symptom is feeling hungry, but being repulsed by just about all food. Never had that with Nora. So maybe it is a boy?

Will you do weekly bump dates again? 

Yes! I will do the best I can! I recently went back and read all of my updates from my pregnancy with Nora, and it was so fun to relive and compare! A huge reason I write my blog is for our kiddos to read in the future. I want this baby to be able to go back and read about their time in mommy’s belly just like Nora can!

Is this why you haven’t blogged in a while?

Yes! I HATE the period of time you “have” to keep it a secret. I just wanted to shout it from the rooftops, and talk about it constantly. I almost let it slip in an Instagram story (I filmed the video and deleted it right before it posted). After that, I decided to just keep quiet until the news was out!


Again, thank you all so much for sharing in the joy of our news! I am so excited to become the momma to two little ones! If you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask!


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