Nora Kate | Month 18


I’m a little behind with this update (2 weeks) since she turned 18 months on our vacation. These last few months have been some of my favorite, I think partly because it began my time at home with her! She is seriously such a fun kid, and I truly enjoy my days with her!

I am so blessed to call hanging out with Nora my job!


| What Nora Can Do |

| She is a growing gal who now wears size 5 diapers and 18-24 months clothes.

| Nora’s hair has grown so much in the past few months. I didn’t rally notice it until I saw pictures from her 15 month update. I can now put her hair in two full pigtails!

| Nora finally is beginning to catch up in the teething department. She now has 10 teeth and is workin’ on at least two more!

| She can climb about anything you wants to now, which is terrifying. She is pretty good about calling “Momma” or “daddy” when she needs help getting own though. That I am very thankful for!

| Nora’s vocabulary is the thing that astounds me right now. Our gal can say just about anything she hears. Her list of consistent words is rapidly growing, and she is able to identify more and more family members! (Notable new words recently: down, slide, off, button, light, bowl, Grammy, and Pa.)

| Nora can make just about every animal sound now, and she loves to show them off!

| With this month has also come the introduction of time-out. She is really beginning to understand the concept. It’s incredible to already see from “fruits of our labor!” 😉


| What Nora Eats |

| Lucky for us Nora is still a wonderful eater. We know how blessed we are! The only time we usually have issues is when there are distractions.

| Favorite foods include; blueberries, peas, grapes, crackers, yogurt, lasagna, and strawberries.

| I feel like she snacks constantly! She always wants a “cacker” and a “bow” (bowl).

| Nora  drinks milk well with her meals and is also a big fan of cold water. She prefers to drink mommy or daddy’s water, but her sippy cup will do too! I still haven’t given her juice and maybe won’t until she’s older.

| She is now a champ at using a spoon and a fork. We try to make sure that she gets plenty of chances to use them.


| What Nora Loves |

| We have ourselves a little water baby! Nora loves all forms of water. Baths, her water table, swimming, drinking water… all of it!

| Books are still one of her ultimate favorite toys. She will look at books forever!

| She loves to be outside and has begun to throw little fits when it’s time to go in.

| Possibly her favorite toys are Kira and Rigby. She loves to add them to her make-believe, give them hugs and kisses and chase them.

| Some of Nora’s favorite toys include; her shopping cart, the Swiffer duster, remotes, and she recently fell in love with bubbles.


| What Has Nora Been Up To|

| Nora stayed in a hotel for the first time (it didn’t go so well). But, then stayed in two more and redeemed herself and did amazing!

| Celebrated Independence Day here at home and saw her first fireworks.

| We had amazing weather in August for about two weeks. We played outside constantly so she was a happy girl!

|Completed our Summer Bucket List which included her first milkshake, her first movie, first trip to the zoo, and first time at the water park!

| We made many trips to the Farmer’s Market. I’m not sure if she loved the giant donuts or the plethora of dogs more!

|Miss Nora Kate had her first trip to the beach! She loved the “wa-wa” and has some serious swimming skills in the pool already! She can kick and blow bubbles!


Nora Kate,

Daddy laughs because I say this every month, but I think this month has been my favorite! While I do not love the new fits, and having to begin some serious discipline, I can tell you are a very obedient child and learn so easily. You have so much personality and are friendly like your dad! The last three months also marked the beginning of our time at home together. While there have been rough days, I can honestly say I am elated I made the decision to stay home with you!

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