Back to School No More

StockSnap_S059QDGBOGThis morning, at approximately 7:45am, hundreds of precious little faces are pouring into the school I used to teach at. From precious confused preschoolers all the way up to awkward unsure fifth graders. All those kiddos are walking into the school I loved so much. Some waited all summer excited to go back, others have been dreading this day. All are making their way into the classroom of a world-class teacher (I taught with some of the best!)

Yes, there are close to 500 students pouring into that little school building. But, my heart belongs to the fourth grade bunch. Not quite to that full-blown awkward stage. Very few have major attitudes yet, and for the most part they still want to please their teacher, and can get excited about a sticker.

As all these students pile into their new room, I am sitting at home probably still in my jammies.

I would be lying if I said I am just heartbroken to not be in my classroom today. This was possibly the fastest a summer as ever flown by, and I don’t think I would have been ready to begin teaching again. So much of me is relieved to not be joining the students, teachers, and administrators.

However, I would also be lying if I said I am not a tiny bit sad. I will miss so many things about teaching. I was a good teacher, it was maybe the one thing I felt like I was truly gifted in. In my short time teaching I did so many things I am proud of. Giving that up was hard. Bittersweet.

But, as much as I will miss it. I would’ve missed my days with Nora Kate more. I have absolutely loved my days home with her so far. There have been hard days, and there will be harder days to come, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I will never get my time with my gal back. I can always go back to teaching.

Even though today feels strange and sad in many ways. More than anything, today I feel like I made the right decision!

I hope all my teacher friends have an amazing (and mostly uneventful) first day! You are all rockstars, and I will miss teaching alongside you!

Happy ’17-’18 school year!

2 thoughts on “Back to School No More

  1. jenicaraney says:

    “I was a good teacher, it was maybe the one thing I felt like I was truly gifted in.”…sis, you just wait. You’re going to explode that gift within the confines of your own home (likely in jammies and leftover Sunday hair) with little people that do and will mean more to you than your own self. I cannot wait to watch you soar in this new adventure and encourage you along the way!


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