Momma Confessions IV


These are my confessions.

One | In the span of two days Nora got her hands on and ate dog poop, a wet chip from the trashcan, and three bites from a stick of butter.

Two | We used kleenexes as toilet paper for three whole days, because I kept forgetting to buy more toilet paper at the store.

Three | To prevent a car nap, I will loudly clap and repeat Nora’s name over and over. Car naps can ruin a day.

Four | I have to try really hard to keep a straight face when getting Nora up from timeout. She stares right into my soul when I’m reminding her why she was sent there. It’s too funny.

Five | In an attempt to dry out Nora’s recent yeast infection, I thought locking her naked in the bathroom with me would go well. She immediately peed on the floor, stepped in the pee, and then wiped out. What was my first reaction? Send a video to daddy at work! Don’t worry, she was okay and the infection is now healed!

Six | To get Nora to eat the last bit of food on her tray at any meal, I pull out all the dip-dips. Ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, BBQ, sour cream. You name it. We’ve tried it.

Seven | I hid a book that Nora asked me to read five times the other day. I could not do it even one more time. She was so confused about where it had gone.

Eight | I’ve taken a nap every single day this week…


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6 thoughts on “Momma Confessions IV

  1. Rachel says:

    Girl, I have hidden so many books too! 10 times is about my limit before books disappear 🙊 And I definitely need to try your dip trick!


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