What’s In My | Quiet Time Basket

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To make my time studying the Bible easier, I place everything I may need into a basket and store it all together. That way, when I am ready to have my quiet time, (I don’t love that phrase, anybody have a better one?) I can grab the basket and take it to any spot I want. I normally choose the kitchen table, but also enjoy the couch or even the bed!

I’ve posted many times about my favorite resources for studying the Bible. You can read those posts here, here, and here. But, today I wanted to share just what I keep in my quiet time basket.

Currently I am reading through the Bible with a Bible-in-a-year plan, but will be taking a small break to do a Galatians study with a favorite blogger of mine (click here to join in)! So, some days all I need is my Bible, and pen or highlighter. Before I began reading the Bible through, I would just do whatever I felt that day! I have a few guided journals or studies that I keep on hand. Keeping it all in one place is just so convenient.

Below, I will breakdown just what’s in my basket, and will link to any items I can!


*Left to right.

Proverbs 31 Study | This is one of my favorite studies. It’s great because it can be done consecutively, or each lesson can stand alone.

Notebook | Just a cute notebook to jot thoughts down. It has lined paper which I prefer for writing. This one is standard notebook size paper.

She Reads Truth Bible | If you’ve been around here much, or follow me on Instagram then you know how much I love this Bible! It really is so amazing. Not only do I love the translation (New Standard), but it has so many amazing “extra” features. It helps that it’s beautiful too.

Give Me Jesus Journal | This gorgeous floral journal is one of the best guided study journals I have ever seen. It isn’t a Bible study, you simply use the prompts within it for any passage of Scripture you are reading. It’s perfect if you aren’t sure how to really study God’s word.

Notebook | Another little notebook. This one has no lines. Sometimes I use it to illustrate verses I want to remember or be praying over.

Journal | This is my “journal” and I add the quotations because I don’t really journal in it. This is the journal where all my thoughts, lists, ideas, or anything else goes. It is so random and messy! Often times when I am reading the Bible I think of blog post ideas. They all get written in that journal. Often next to a grocery list!

Val Marie Prayer Journal | This is a guided prayer journal. It has sections for each month with general topics of prayer. I usually fill it out at the beginning of the month, and then pick one section to pray for each day.

Pens and Pencils | I may no longer be a teacher, but I still have a strong love for good pens and pencils! I don’t think my love of school supplies will ever die! I love the gel highlighters and felt-tip pens. I like having lots of color options! I keep it all in a pencil bag so it’s easy to reach.

Basket | I actually snagged this basket for five bucks at Dollar General. I would have preferred a nice one from Target, but I found this one and it works great for now!


I hope this maybe gave you some ideas on how to make your time studying the Bible easier. Having everything in one place is so nice, it really was a game changer!

Stayed tuned because in the coming weeks I am going to share what is in my husband’s basket! Yep, he was one too!


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