Name Book

*This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


To make money (and it can be good money) in the blogging world, you have to do a ton of work along with tons of advertising products. Sponsored posts are one of the biggest ways bloggers do this. They are sent a free product if they agree to review and advertise the item on their blog. Many times they even make a commission on readers following a link and purchasing the product. It’s a complicated world, but some bloggers choose to live it.

For various reasons I choose not to blog for money, I truly just do it for fun. I have been approached a few times about doing sponsored posts, but the products were things I do not really use, from companies I didn’t really want to support. So, I normally turn it down because I do not want to run that kind of blog. However, when a reader approached me about her new business I knew I was going to make an exception!

Rachel has been reading Everyday Smith for a while, and recently opened her Etsy shop selling handmade cloth books! Southern Sparkle Store is just starting out and Rachel is looking to get her name out there!

She sent Nora one of her cloth name books, and we both love it! The quality of the book is undeniable, but more than that it is so stinkin’ cute! One of my favorite things is how on each page, the fabric behind the letter goes with that letter. See below!


Owls for “O” and rabbits for “R!”

Rachel not only makes personalized name books, but she has number, alphabet, and church books available as well. Her cloth books would be great for small babies, because they are soft and colorful. I am most excited to use Nora’s to help her spell and identify and letters in her name! Right now Nora has taken to pushing it around in her play shopping cart with all the other random toys she throws in there!

Like I mentioned above, I do not often do sponsored product posts. But, I do make exceptions, and I love to support SAHM’s with businesses!

Even if you don’t buy a book from Rachel’s shop, I would love if you would follow her page on Instagram and watch her business grow!

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