Nora and the Snack Attack

I’ve written in my Nora Eats series about my struggle with what to feed Nora for lunch. However, I also struggled with snacks when she began snacking regularly. Nora has two very predictable snack times each day. At around 9:30am and then again at 3:00pm, she becomes hangry! I call it her snack attack, because she gets a little cranky and needy at these times. A snack fixes that right up!

Today I wanted to share with you some of our go-to snacks for Nora. These are foods she loves to eat, and we always have on hand. Sometimes we do fruit, but today I am only going to list the dry snacks. I always give her a sippy of cold water with her snack. We do milk with meals, and I have never given her juice.



Dried blueberries,

Dried cranberries

Dried mangoes


Oyster Crackers

Club Crackers

Graham Crackers


Veggie Chips/Sticks



Fruit Granola Bars


Hopefully, these ideas will give you some fresh new options for your little one’s “snack attack!”

Happy snacking!


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