TRUTH Focused | How Can I Study the Bible?

*This is the fourth post in the series TRUTH Focused. To read the first post on biblical literacy, click here. To read the second post on discernment, click here. To read last week’s post on biblical literacy and parents, click here.


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I’ve covered some pretty serious stuff in these TRUTH Focused posts so far. Week one, we discussed the term biblical literacy, and why it’s so important. Week two, we dove into discernment. Why we as believers need to have it, and ways to practice it. Last week, I expressed why biblical literacy and discernment are crucial to raising children.

A while back I asked my readers to take a survey that simply asked how often they read the Bible. Feedback showed that of the just under 40 people who responded, 17 people either have never read the Bible, don’t find it important, or read less than three times a month. One flaw in my survey is knowing whether these people are Believers or not, because that changes the results. However, to me it was interesting that almost half of those who responded are rarely reading their Bible. I’m willing to bet that many of those same people are Christians, which really highlights the problem of biblical illiteracy!

My prayer is that many of you reading this series have felt a small tug on your heart to dig into your Bible. Hopefully, God spoke to you through these words, and you are now feeling compelled to learn more about the amazing God we serve. If so, I cannot tell you how happy that makes me! I know that the last two months that I have been digging into God’s word (in its entirety) have been such a blessing to me.

But, I know that some people didn’t grow up like I did. My parents taught me God’s word, I attended church regularly, I joined small groups, I’ve even taken classes at my church. I have a great foundation for how to study His living word. You may feel lost and confused about where to begin, or even how to study the Bible at all.

So, I wanna help! Today I want to offer you a few pointers on how to study the Bible. These tips can work for people at any phase, whether you’re a beginner, or you grew up in a Christian home like me and just got off track! I am no expert, but want to offer what knowledge I do have.  I am also providing links throughout the post to some great resources you should check out!

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Pray Before Beginning  | I don’t always remember to do this, but I try to always pray before jumping into Scripture. I ask God to open my eyes and ears to what he has to show me. I ask him to keep me focused while reading (if you’re a mom you know exactly why I pray this). I can’t tell you how many times I feel like I have noticed something I needed simply because I asked God to show me!


Find a Study | Sometimes, if you’re just beginning, the Bible can be incredibly daunting. So finding a devotional or book that takes you through a book of the Bible can help give you some guidance. Linked below are some online resources to great ones!

| Life Lived Beautifully 1 Peter Study | Click on each picture for that day’s study.

| She Reads Truth | Some free online studies, or book studies to order!

| Nicole Cole Galatians Study | One of my favorite bloggers is beginning a study July 31st on Galatians. Just sign up at the bottom of the page!


Try a Bible-in-a-Year Plan | This idea can be overwhelming, but can also be so beneficial. When you read the entire Bible, you normally don’t get to go too in depth because of the time it takes. However, after reading it through once, then you can go back, and study each book more throughly (that’s my current plan). One awesome thing I have seen since I began reading through the Bible, is stories I have just read popping-up all over the place. I had just finished a particular story in Genesis, and the next sermon series at church was about that exact story. I already had the basic knowledge, and was able to learn so much more since I already knew the verses!

|Back to the Bible | Here is a great site with some one-year reading plans.

|M’Cheyne Plan | This is the plan I am currently using.


Verse of the Day | A great way to ensure that you are getting at least some Scripture in your life daily, is to subscribe to some type of “Verse of the Day” email. I have linked a few below, but am partial to the first because my dad created it!

Clash Entertainment | Nature photographs and great verses. You can subscribe and have them sent to your email!

K-Love | View a daily verse on the site, or subscribe and have a verse sent right to your email.

Light for the Day | Another beautiful sight to get you in the word daily!



I encourage you to try some of these things. But, take it slow, ask questions, and seek help from those wiser than you! Reading God’s word is not always an easy task, but it is always worth it!





4 thoughts on “TRUTH Focused | How Can I Study the Bible?

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m signed up for Nicole’s Galatians study too! I’m so excited! I recently started studying the Bible topically and it has been really helpful for me to study one topic over the course of several weeks or a month. I feel like the main takeaways for a topic really get drilled into my heart when I’m reading about the same topic day after day.


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