House Spruce

For the two and a half years we have lived in our home, I have wanted a new back door. One that would let in a little sunlight. I love our itty-bitty house, I really do. But, one thing I have always disliked is how there is no window in the kitchen, and therefore, no light.

Take a look at this picture of our kitchen.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.09.18 PM


It’s so dark and dreary and… dark. I actually sort of hate it in this picture. And that is how it looked in the middle of the afternoon, and at night.

Well, we decided to get a new door for the back, plus I finally painted the new chairs for our kitchen table. Look at the result!



I just love the light the new door lets in, and I am so happy with how my chairs turned out! I am so much happier with my kitchen!

Now, I just desperately want to paint my kitchen cabinets white…

2 thoughts on “House Spruce

  1. Pat Miller says:

    Door made a big difference. Lots more light. Really like the design and color of your chairs. I think white cupboards would make things look brighter.

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