17 in Summer 2017 | Update

Back in May I posted about my little summer reading goal. I wrote;

“So, now that I am officially into my summer vacation (or my “forever summer” ) I am setting a goal for myself. For the summer season (today, until Fall begins on September 22) I am challenging myself to read 17 books for fun! Lucky for me I have already started one and have a ton piled on my nightstand waiting to be read!”

So, as of today July 18, I have read a whopping two books.

Pretty sad, I know.

In my defense, the second book I read was looooong. I wanted to update you along the way and tell you about my books. I was hoping to have at least five done by now but… #fail. I sure hope I can make my goal. If not, I am hoping I can at least read ten books.

 |Book One|

Glory in the Ordinary | By Courtney Reissig

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.36.56 PM

Rating | 6/10

Collin got me this book after I announced I was staying home. It is all about being a SAHM and how even that work matters to God. I am not usually into this type of reading, but I enjoyed this one and it was a quick read.


 |Book Two|

A Lasting Impression | By Tamera Alexander

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.44.37 PM

Rating | 9/10

This is a very long book, but oh so worth it! Tamera Alexander is one of my favorite authors (and happens to be my mom’s best friend). It took a few chapters for me to really get into it, but once I did, it had me up two nights in a row until 11:00 reading. A happy love story (cause I don’t do those dark novels) with a lot of adventure and heart! There are two more in the series that I plan to read soon!


Next up, I just started Mercy’s Rain. Looks like it will be a quick read and I cannot wait to begin!


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