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You wouldn’t go into a debate about molecular physics without first doing thorough research and preparing… would you?

You wouldn’t step up to discuss and debate anything you didn’t know as fully as possible. You also wouldn’t walk around saying you’re an expert in a topic you hardly understand.

You just wouldn’t. How foolish you would look if someone found out that you had little knowledge or were confusing it with something else?

Just as you wouldn’t do that on any topic, you shouldn’t do that with God’s Word.

Today more than ever before, there are Christian resources everywhere! Stores, websites, apps, blogs, books, podcasts, shows, the list goes on. It is so incredibly easy to get your hands on a Christian resource.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thing! However, it also introduces a whole new set of issues. Now, more than ever, discernment is of vital importance to all Christ Followers. Anyone can write anything, using bits and pieces of Scripture along with their own thoughts and ideas. They may be a brilliant writer and charming as heck, but they are not God, they are human.

Webster’s Dictionary defines discernment as, “to distinguish or discriminate.”  Charles Spurgeon, a famous theologian, once said that, “Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right, and almost right.” Many of those Christian authors, speakers, bloggers, Instagramers, and the like are spouting off half-truths. But how can we as Believers identify the lies when we do not know the truth of God’s Word?

I’m not saying that listening to your pastor, reading a Christian book, or following a Christian speaker online is wrong. God has ordained so many people to do His work here on Earth. However, we as Believers need to also be studying the Bible for ourselves, so that we know what it holds and are able to spot those lies.

The fact is, God’s Word is living and active and was meant for us as Christ Followers to refer to, use, learn from, and ultimately live by. There is not a single perfect human on this Earth, so even the best writers, pastors, podcast creators, and speakers are going to get some things wrong. But God and His word are perfect, and knowing what He has to say will help point our lives and beliefs towards Him.

I want to know Him and His Word more so that I can spot the lies, and lead others to the Truth!


Next week join me as I discuss why Biblical literacy is so important for parents. 

5 thoughts on “TRUTH Focused | Discernment

  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    This is so very important! We must be like the Bereans, who followed along with Paul to make sure he was teaching the truth. Great post.


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