An Ode to the Morning Nap


Yesterday I bid farewell to my good friend, the morning nap.

For 17 long months we were great friends.

Almost daily, you offered me a few hours of peace for my weary self.

I’d sip my coffee, or clean the house, read a book or check in on the digital world. Occasionally I’d even fit in my own small nap.

You offered me routine, solitude, and most importantly, time.

Well my old friend, I will miss you dearly. However, you do allow for some new and interesting opportunities.

I hope to find you in another form some day, but until then I will be loving on my new best friend…

… the afternoon nap.

One thought on “An Ode to the Morning Nap

  1. afreshbrewedfaith says:

    I think I died a little when my 2 year old abandoned naps altogether. Now with a newborn, I am 100% embracing those naps again! Hope your little one continues to sleep blissfully for her other nap times! 🙂


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