A Crack at Charcuterie

So, a while back our family had one of those days where we had eaten a huge breakfast, and a late lunch. So when dinnertime rolled around, we really weren’t too hungry. We wanted a little something, but not an entire meal.

I was really struggling with what to make that fit those prerequisites. So, of course I went to the place where all dinner quandaries can be solved… Pinterest!

While in the land of Pinterest I came across something I have been seeing quite a bit lately!


Now, don’t feel bad it you have no idea what that is or how to say it. I didn’t know its formal name or how to pronounce it until I looked it up that night. Charcuterie, (shahr-koo-tuhree, in case you’re wondering) are those fancy cheese, meat, and fruit boards. It’s a french special that Americans have taken to lately! 

I love to eat “snack meals”, as my husband calls them, often. Many days my lunch will consist of an orange, crackers, and string cheese. That’s plenty for me! The Hubs needs a little more substance. Since we both weren’t terribly hungry, I whipped up three little charcuterie boards with things we already had!

It actually turned out pretty cute !


Of course a true charcuterie board would have fancy aged cheeses, fine meats, and would be much more ascetically pleasing that my attempt. I mean, I used string cheese and Wheat Thin chips! But, it hit the spot and made for some really pretty pictures! I already had the three little cutting boards. They set me back a whole three dollars at Dollar General. The dried salami was an impulse buy we had yet to eat and with Nora in the house we always have fruit around. It was delicious and the perfect amount. We all had happy boards at the end. Even Nora!

It’s always fun to try something new! Do you think you’d enjoy charcuterie?


One thought on “A Crack at Charcuterie

  1. Jen Black says:

    I love this idea and the presentation! Occasionally, I will make myself a plate with cheese, crackers, and, fruit for a snack or light dinner (when my husband is okay with fixing cereal or fending for himself for dinner). Thanks for sharing the charcuterie pronunciation, too!


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