What’s In My | Diaper Purse

So, when Nora was first born I was so excited to pack a diaper bag for her! For some reason, carrying one around made me feel more like a mom. Not to mention, infants need about a million things it seems. So each time we left the house, I would lug around a huge diaper bag along with my huge purse.

It didn’t take long for me to realize how obnoxious and inconvenient that was. So, I went on the hunt for a bag that could serve as both a diaper bag and a purse.

A diaper purse, as I like to call it.

I used a tote-type bag for a while but it didn’t have many compartments, and everything ended up thrown in, and then lost in the bottom of the bag. I looked all over the internet for a bag that had the following things:


Lots of compartments and pockets

Neutral and cute

Cross body/shoulder strap and handles

Could zip all the way closed

Easy to wash clean

Finally, after quite a lengthy process,  I found this bag on Amazon! I have had it now for just over a month, and I am really happy with it. It has all the qualities I was looking for and for only $29.99! Score!

Today I want to show you the essentials I carry in my diaper purse (I seriously refer to it as that, sounds strange to type though).


| Diaper |

The bag came with a nice fold-out changing pad. This was a bonus! I thought I would never used it, but it has come in handy quite a few times.

Diapers and wipes of course!They fit perfect in the big outside pocket. We sing the praises of Aldi’s diapers on our sensitive skinned gal.

A change of clothes. This same outfit has been in here since I got the bag. Yay! Nora for staying clean!

Snacks! At Nora’s age (16 months), snacks seem like the most important item to have on hand. I always have a pouch, a granola bar or two, and some puffs. I also carry a bib for anytime we may go out to eat, or have to chow in the car.

Books and toys of all varieties to keep my gal entertained.


| Purse |

Of course my wallet is always in there. Gotta be ready to shop at any moment!

Sunglasses. Multiple pairs. I Normally have about three pairs in my bag because I am bound to lose one. My eyes are actually really sensitive to the sun so I always need these on hand.

I have a little Target Dollar Spot phone charger I keep in one of the pockets. I am pretty terrible at remembering to charge the charger though, so it more just takes up space.

I keep on hand all the other little items I might need in a pinch. Lipstick, dry shampoo, gum, Tide to Go, lotion, headache medicine, and so much more. It never hurts to be prepared!


With a kiddo, it’s almost impossible to travel light! But, combining my purse and diaper bag sure has helped!

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