Tidy vs. Clean


I was recently having a conversation with my sister about how we keep up with daily household duties. The ones we do well, and the ones we neglect far too often. One perk I see to being a SAHM is that I have more time to keep up with those tasks. I have actually been making our bed almost every morning. When I was working, the bed got made maybe five times a year.

This got me thinking about how there really is a difference between having a clean house and a tidy house. When I think of a clean house, I think of dusting, moping, scrubbed toilets, general overall cleanliness. A tidy house to me means more of having things in their place. Toys picked up, throw pillows arranged, papers organized, things simply in their place.

Webster dictionary defines clean as, “free from dirt or pollution.” Webster defines tidy as, “neat and orderly in appearance or habits.”

I would love to say that I am great at keeping our home both clean and tidy. But that would be a lie. I have come to realize that these is one of the two that I care a little more about. I prefer for my house to be tidy over clean. I can handle a little dust or dirty countertops, but I want things in their place. I fee like I can look past the dirt and grime a lot longer than I can a house in disarray.

Hard-hitting stuff right?

Does any of this mean anything? Nope! Just something to think about! Which do you care more about? Or, do you have to maintain both in your home? Answer the poll below to add your opinion, and see if others agree!

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