Nora Speaks | Vol. I


So now that Nora is past the one year stage, and I am not longer doing monthly posts about her, I find that I am missing things! I did a 15 month update and plan to do the next one at 18 months.

The problem is, in the last month she has learned so many new things! Especially vocabulary-wise! I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite things about blogging is having a written account of so many great memories. I love to look back and read my own posts and reminisce!

So, since I can only imagine how much will change in the two months before Nora hits 18 months (wahhhhhh). I want to document some of her new words and skills now!

At 15 months Nora could consistently say the following words: dada, momma, please (da), thank you, love you and bye-bye.

Not too shabby. Now get a load of this.

At 16 months (+ 2 weeks) Nora can consistently say: hot, go, no-no, ball, all done, KiKi (Kira), Rigby, Papa, hi, CoCo (Courtney), eat, eyes, shoes, dip-dip (ketchup), cracker, flower, off, outside, yes, and night-night. Plus all the words she could already say!

That’s 20 new words in a little over a month! These aren’t just words she has said once or twice. These are things she says regularly! I literally cannot believe how much she is learning right before my eyes! And this is just her vocabulary!

She can also make the sounds (after seeing or hearing the name of) these animals: puppy,  duck, owl, elephant, monkey, snake, lion, bird, and kitty.

She can also point out the following body parts on herself or others: mouth, hair, ears, toes, nose, belly, and eyes!


This is not me bragging on how smart my kid is (even though she is clearly a genius). I simply am just in awe of how fast she is learning new things! It feels like she picks up new words and skills daily! And once she has it, she keeps it!

2 thoughts on “Nora Speaks | Vol. I

  1. Sondra Leatherman says:

    Dear Travia,
    Nora is so blessed to have you for a mom. Just think, if she didn’t have you and Colin’s positive influence how quickly she could pick up negative behaviors. Love to you all! Sondra L.


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