Nora’s Family Book

Nora is talking more and more each day. It’s crazy how quickly she started to pick up on repeating what we say and remembering words we teach her. Since we live far away from most all of our family, I decided to make a book to teach Nora all of her family’s names.


I used Shutterfly to create an 8×8 photo book full of pictures of family. This will begin teaching Nora the names of those who love her most! I was able to design each page how I wanted, choosing pictures, backgrounds, and adding embellishments. I’m so happy with how cute it turned out! Here’s a small peek inside!


As you can see the book is already well-loved! We read it each night before bed – and a few times in between! Slowly but surely she is learning each name!


3 thoughts on “Nora’s Family Book

  1. Pat Miller says:

    What a clever idea especially when you are farther away from family. Nora will feel at home with everyone when you have your family get togethers. I am a Grandma but enjoy everyone of your blog posts.


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