Coffee Conversations



If I had you over for coffee (again), first I would be elated to be having some adult interaction. Lately, my days are filled with a tiny gal who demands my attention.

I would let you know how much I am enjoying this new season as a stay at home momma! I truly am soaking in what a blessing this new life is. It is such a joy to be there for each and every moment of my gal’s day. I don’t miss a thing, and I love that.

I would tell you how I spend my days playing with my girl, cleaning, writing, and being as domestic as possible. I would want to take you on a tour of my first-ever garden. I’m so proud of the seeds I’ve sewn. I would show you my latest projects around the house. But, I would mostly fill your ears with tales of my baby girl, who is growing and changing much too fast.

I’d pour our coffee, and serve up those warm cinnamon rolls I carefully constructed this morning.

Once the coffee is poured, things get real.

I would have to tell you that there is a space in my life that feels empty. Something is lacking. I would explain how I’m missing the days when I faithfully saw my friends. We’d go out for dinner, meet up for the weekend, talk and laugh until the sun went down. Those moments spent with friends would recharge me, fill me up, and send me on to boldly face another week.

But, college ended. Friends moved away. We moved away. My favorite people, met and married their  favorite people, and began their new lives together.

Just like me.

I would reveal that this season is hard.

I would clarify that I am utterly happy at home. My marriage is loving, he’s my best friend. My daughter is precious, I cherish our days at home together. But, I feel an aching for community. Making new friends is hard. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one feeling this way.

I would tell you that these are my struggles, but I am putting them in God’s hands. I am learning to step out and take some risks. I am praying for opportunities to arise. I am putting my heart out there. I’m open to change!

So, if we were sitting together finishing our coffee, I’d thank you for coming, send you with some cinnamon rolls, and I’d ask you to come back because I am craving friend time… and I’m always craving coffee.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Conversations

  1. Ellen says:

    Sometime this fall, I’ll take you up on a cinnamon roll and I’ll bring a Diet Coke and of course my sweet Caroline. She would love a friend close in age!


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