Copycat, Copycat

nonomakeupWe are at the beginning of the copycat stage.

I can truly say though, that it is so much fun! Nora will repeat just about anything we ask her too, and it’s way cuter than when we say it! She will reproduce sounds we make, words we say, and sometimes even laugh with us when we are laughing with each other.

She isn’t just copying our words, but our actions. With no prompting, she will observe, and then mimic our actions on her own. She “puts on makeup” with me in the mornings. Puts the clean dishes away from the dishwasher. Mows the lawn out back like her daddy. She even sings songs with our same intonation. She is picking up on things faster than we can snap our fingers. It is so fun to see her learn and grow in that way.

But, oh how scary it is as well. What a responsibility it is as her parents.

Nora can (and most likely will), repeat anything we say or do. I do not take this lightly, because I know what an influence my husband and I will have over her little life. We want to intentionally model behaviors and actions that we want to see from her.

I don’t want her to hear me always complaining about my body or appearance. I want her to know that she is fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ’s image.

I want Nora to see my face in the Bible, not my phone.

I don’t want her to hear me nag her daddy about insignificant things. I want her to hear me respect and appreciate him.

I want Nora to hear us pray before dinner, thanking God for our food. Not whining about how there’s nothing to eat in our full cupboards.

I want our words to be life-giving and kind. Instead of the dismal, negative words we too often speak.

I want Nora to see us choose to love one another each day. To work through our difficulties with grace.

I pray we thank God daily, and she hears us give all glory to Him for our abundant blessings.

Sometimes I get annoyed because she wants to copycat me too much! No, I don’t need help doing this task, you’re just making it harder. Is what I want to say. But, she is learning to help, and simply doing what she sees her mommy do. I pray she will see me serve our family with a joyful and willing heart.

In a recent episode of one of my favorite podcasts (Risen Motherhood) the women made a statement that really shook me up and shifted my perspective. When referencing bringing a new baby into your family they said, “There will likely be no other unbeliever in your life over whom you have so much influence.”

Those words stopped me in my tracks.

I have no greater influence than on the precious life in my home. What a calling and an amazing opportunity.  I pray I will daily remember this truth.

For while Nora is copying me, I will be copying Jesus.

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